Oct 24, 2007

The Wrath of the Darkness...!!!

He parks his vehicle.. gets down.. looks around for a moment.. the few bright glimpses of the flash lights.. amidst the darkness.. the darkness.. the very word brings him crashing down to realization that he has to walk.. and keep walking.. and so he does.. until..

And so he walks until he reaches an entrance.. very bright.. or atleast appearing bright.. trying to enlighten the darkness.. but in vain.. and all the others smiling at him.. expecting him to reciprocate.. but he couldn't nevertheless.. he does succeed in showing something artificial.. but how long..

And so his artificial smile shows up.. and he could see the others recognising that.. but he keeps his head high.. and moves ahead.. the entrance brings the chills.. the cold vibes going deep till his spines.. and he realizes inspite of his numerous appearances.. this is so new to him.. the person at the entrance seems to speak to him.. but he doesnt hear.. however out of practise he moves his hand and the man does a nod and he moves ahead.. takes the lift and stops at the floor where he goes always..

Out of the misty windows he views the darkness.. with a bit of drizzle and the others enjoying them.. feeling its freshness on their face.. all except him.. he moves on.. envying them.. moves and this time he feels even cooler.. all his warmth overcome by the rough chill.. but he has to move on.. until..

The chill seems to get in his every part of the body.. taking over warmth from inside.. but still he drags himself.. moving ahead and finds the usual.. the blue color chair where he always sits.. only to face the wrath of the darkness.. but still he moves on..

He goes and touches the blue chair.. twisting it.. and then sitting on it.. and closes his eyes.. not wanting to open it.. but has to open them.. but before that he does something different this time.. he moves his hand and touhces the flat small pedestal before him.. full of ridges and furrows.. his eyes shrink with pain.. as if not wanting them there.. he moves his hand further.. feels another pedestal, a bigger one this time.. with flat front.. a cube to be precise.. and his eyes shrink with even bigger pain.. and so with utmost unwilling desire.. he opens his eyes and comes to realize there is no escape.. no relief but the only truth which he has to face and he faces it.. and so he goes on.. with the truth revolving in his mind.. that there is no other go but to work for the next 8 hours in the night shift.

Sep 30, 2007

A Controvery or A Comedy...!!!

Ok guys here goes my third blog...!!! And this is has been hitting ma mind for long now.. so I thought of dropping it down over here, so that hits your mind also.

It was started sometime back in December 2006, now thats a month which no one will forget easily, thanks to Tsunami. However there are other events too which make this month unforgettable like Christmas, New Year Eve, etc, and something else, yep there you hit a string now, "THE SETHUSAMUDRAM PROJECT". Its almost going to be a year since the start of this multi-crore investment project, which involves the dredging of the sea sand from the base to create a canal for the ships to travel, and yet I have been pondering over the real initiative for this project. Just got to know some great infos, striking me like a bolt.

Now this is a 2427.40 crore, wow..!!! now thats a whopping investment. And if you think that the project is really worth the money, well we need to think twice after the following facts. Now the main motive behind this project, as I understand, was to prevent the burden for the ships coming to Chennai port from the West, to travel around the Sri Lankan border, and come through the narrow channel which is being dug up and is named as the Sethusamudram Canal. Now thats a very effective strategy, or is it? When the ships are travelling from West from a long distance, say countries like Africa or America, for example, it gives a bit of saving in money, only, how? Well, now that the channel is being made the country needs to pay for using the channel which compensates almost for the expenditure for a ship going around the Sri Lanka. Neither is there saving in time as the ship needs to go only at speeds of 8 to 10 knots per hour in the channel when it can travel at speeds of 30 to 35 knots per hour. More than this everyone does know about the environmental impact, the negation of which still surprises everyone. This channel opens up the place for easy smuggling, making work difficult for the coast guard. And last and the most important, this channel breaks the Palk Strait, which is said to be the bridge built by the VANARASENA of Lord Ram in the Ramayana. So the big question here is, is this project worth the investment, after all it is our money which is being invested, just on "societical" note.

Now that the Palk Strait is gonna be blasted, the sleeping politicians have got a reason to start a fight over this, going for state visits, taking the oppositions to challenge, telling everyone that they are the true disciples of Ram, oh common!!! give me break. We have the other side of the debate where the other one does even bigger comedy by asking the proof of Lord Rama's presence. Wow..!!! now thats what we call the need of the hour, what a reason they found to blame each other, cant get better than this. And whats spicy even the gurus take part in this debate, making the fight even more interesting, the usually calm and poised gurus getting violent, thats scary. I aint saying that I dont believe in Ramayana or Mahabharata but is this a reason to gain publicity?

Anyways the main point, however, lies here is, even after a year of commencement of the Sathusamudram project, I still ponder over the worth of the project. Is it really bringing in the savings that we are expecting, or yet another black cloth is being tied around our eyes? Guess I'l have to wait and see.

Sep 28, 2007

Hockey - A Forgiven Glorifying Sport

Hockey - A sport which put India on this world map. Sometime back, the sportstars and sporting authority in India only dreamt of sending teams for Olympics, a time when the Indian Hockey team used to bring the only Olympic Gold Medal. Yes, a period when Indian sportstars weren't even ready to goto Olympics, the Indian Hockey (courtesy Dhyan Chand and team) team used to win the gold in the Hockey sport, bringing glory to the nation, putting forth country's name in the world map. Hockey's best player so far Dhyan Chand, even was conspired to have a magnet in his bat, that was the extent of his talent. It was the consecutive record of winning 8 Olympic gold that made Hockey the National Game. A game which is considered to have its talent root in India.

All this is history now, does it mean that it should be forgotten. Certain events against Hockey have been disturbing. It started from the Railways team not getting good accommodation facility, it was pathetic to see them living in the old compartments of the trains, the funding for the Hockey team is far less and the most serious the sport being removed from priority list last year. All these have been a consequence of the poor show of the Indian team in the past few years, but that shouldn't encourage disrespect to our National Game. Sahara has been the only sponsor to support the sport else Hockey's name would have been removed from the sporting list also. And now when the team has struck with vengeance and outperformed beating all the teams winning the Asia cup, which is not less than the World Cup as they have got some real good teams from Asia, all they get is Rs.1000 per goal? So with 65 goals scored they get a meager Rs.65000? All this for the great spirit they displayed in each match?

This is not only the state of Hockey but also other sports. In Football we won the Nehru Cup, which itself is an achievement for the Indian Team, and the sad part is most of us donot even know hat Nehru Cup is. I admit it myself. We all love Cricket but Nation does come first and they are also our heroes. Though they haven't played with the best teams in the world, but still they have outperformed to get the title and bring the country glory in their own perspective. All these news made the center page in the news papers but still no recognition. And seeing the importance and credibility given to Cricket, the other sportstars are bound to get demotivated. And it was only after the hunger strike, we see the individual companies recognizing their players. I mean is this required, such provocation to go on hunger strike? It is all upto the us and media to recognize our heroes as it is they who represent us in the world arena, bringing glory to our Nation, to the Indians, to us.

Cricket - A Uniting Force

April 2007 - A first round exit from the World Cup 2007 for India and Pakistan, a further step of humiliation for Pakistan for their loss at the hands of the minnows of their group, Ireland.

September 24th, 2007 - A day when the world stopped and only thing running everywhere was the Twenty20 World Cup final between the two most talented, spirited, underdogs and arch-rival teams, India and Pakistan. The en-route to this stage for both the teams has been very difficult, with the major changes affecting the teams and player as an individual. Right from tearing apart the teams, the coaches resignation and death in the other case, captain's stepping down, angered fans, put forth some big challenges for the BCCI and PCB. But on 24th all of this was forgotten and the crowd all over the world were engrossed with the perfect final for any tournament, probably an expected one when both the teams were qualified for the semi-final berth.

India with a huge set-back at the start of the tournament with the 3 major's pulling out and an entire new team, with the least of the exprience in this format, under a new captain, displayed nothing more than spirited and fearless play of cricket, which put them in the final. Every step conquered was a major leap for the team as there were very less expectations, which was also another reason for joy among the fans. They were the underdogs right from the start of tournament, but were a bunch of talented and fighting youngsters, which also took the world champions by surprise. And this was proved when India grabbed the World Cup right out of the Pakistan's reach. An entertaining final won by India, the consequence of better handling of pressure, which was a habit of this team throughout the tournament. And why not, the world cup grab right out of the arch-rival's reach saw the entire country unite under the once force - CRICKET. Everyone right from kid to age old women, under the midnight showers, right from Srinagar to Rameswaram, from Gujarat to West Bengal, everyone was dancing, shouting slogans in praise of their new idols, the new world Twenty20 champions, the young India XI, the future India XI, sans the big names, the big 3s.This was a team which fulfilled its dreams, showing immense belief in their play and writing a new script in the way cricket will be played, henceforth. However, all this should be done keeping in mind that these players need the same support when they fall short of expectations.

Guys this is my first blog, please drop in your comments. I wanted to start with something easy and nothing came to my mind other than this major event in India's Calendar. This blog henceforth is going to be my personal view on all the events right from political to sport to entertainment and it will be helpful to hear the comments.