Dec 30, 2009

I know Deutsch or do I ..!!!

There I was sitting before the laptop, staring at its screen, which had nothing but a page of google news (trust me on this..!!!) on it, and just moving up and down in response to the scroll on the mouse. Pretty sure the scene from the other end would make it seem as if I was staring into something obscene, which I wasn't. Its just that after sitting at the peak of boredom, I happen to get the internet connection, but after a day or two of checking and re-checking the mail, one just doesn't know what else to do. My internet activities over here, with this ultra-slow connection are limited to reading news of almost everything, getting some old cricket statistics upto domestic levels (I could tell you the number of 100s made by Cheteshwar Pujara, Raman Lamba, W.G.Grace, Peter Pullock, etc and also the upcoming ranji trophy players who should have got into the Indian team, etc, etc..!!). Talking to a friend yesterday, I told him that I was running out of options for doing something, for which he said that this leads to innovation. The only innovation I do is how to position my ass, so as to prevent from getting an ache.

The one thing good about staying at a place, with a different local language is, at some point of time you start understanding the language, well the context atleast, and you have the privilege of putting it in your resume, ofcourse you need to be careful. The problem starts when you try speaking it. The first few words always come out with confidence, but as you end, the expression on the other side, which is made very evident, is like a small child with a bruise but is not allowed to cry. The cry of a person to shut up, and I have been receiving this almost daily, due to the illiteracy of english here.

So yesterday I decided to do something about it (Eureka..!!!) and the results were quite astonishing and thoroughly disturbing. I went to this website,, where one can do some brushing up of the deutsch learnt so far. I decided to start with a small test to see where I stood (Big mistake..!!!). The first one, a short test, which had 30 questions full of vocabs and grammar. The result comes out as 14 correct out of 30. So far for learning 2 levels in India, learning another 2 levels here and staying here for 2 years. But since it had combo of everything, I thought of going for the long test, which had the difficulty split into levels. Each level had 10 questions and you have to score 80% to goto next level. I thought I could easily go past atleast 3 levels, only the computer had other plans to keep me at level 2. There were 4 levels totally. Anyways I figured, now that I have the innumerable seconds at my disposal, why not put them to some use. However, this could work only with an internet, so that means the other days I still get to sit with boredom, so it wouldn't miss me much.