Jul 17, 2012

The Awakening, ahem, Really..!!!???

'Awakening' - synonymous with the word inspiration, is basically a stimulus which generates an idea/activity or awakens one which has been dormant for long. One thing I am pretty sure is, am gonna get cursed for such a hyped start, or the title, to this blog post. But as they say, I shall face the wrath!

Disclaimer (Its a new technique to break the usual scenario of putting the disclaimer before the topic!!!) - The characters mentioned here are purely fictional or very pragmatic. So please feel free to imagine as a fantasy, or base it on true events, witnessed and lived by the one and only, yours truly, the author!!!

As I was returning from gym today, I stopped at the laundry room (for some reason I decided to do my laundry today!), to see that a girl - little girl, ironing her clothes. It was kinda cute scene, so I decided to put my clothes in the drier and have a little conversation. It was a normal conversation of what I do, where she studied and blah blah...!!! It lasted for 15 - 20 minutes. And then we parted our ways.

When I reached home, my eyes saw every cloth in my wardrobe completely wrinkled, and the need to iron them 'awakened' within me. I decided to iron only the clothes which I had washed and later come back for more. I was so confident that I would come back! The minute I went to the laundry room to start ironing, I felt something was wrong, 'What the hell I am doing here? This doesn't feel right! I never iron my clothes.' I threw the shirt back into the basket, and for some reason, I came back to my room smiling, reconciling on what had happened, thinking if I had a coffee anytime in between and laughing it out loud. (I hope it cracks your brains, but shouldn't be that difficult, I guess!)

Till next time..!!! Cheers guys..!!! 

P.S. - Oh BTW, did I mention that it was not a little girl..!!!

Jul 11, 2012

Food for 'Thought' - 2

Yo people..!!! Ok the 'Yo' is not some-confused-slang which I have learnt, just coz I am living abroad for while now (which again is not blowing my own trumpet, phew!!! ), its just an exclamatory statement! (Like this one).

So, after a pathetic start to this topic (a total useless statement), let me get straight to another irrelevant note, 'yes, I am back, baby!' And there it is, yet again 'nth' time, me returning, trying to keep this space alive. Looks like most of my posts are full of 'this' crap, than the other ones. Nevertheless, moving on..!!!

Just a briefing so far, I have been living my professional life in Linz, Austria, which is quite a beautiful city, with all the landscapes, the lakes, the sunbathing scenes(ahem..!!! ), I mean sunny scenes!(Oh well, too much of information) Visit to find out for yourselves. And most importantly, this stage has made sure that I stay alone by housing me in a comfortable studio apartment and it sucks!

Now we get to the topic, it is about food. Last week, I found myself completely abandoned by the 'Food Luck'. Not once, twice but thrice, I had my food burnt. The worst part, it was the same food, which I burnt thrice, so you could feel the pain I had to bear to eat it. Ok, the option why I didn't throw it is, its just that I hate to throw food, I'd rather wait till it gets completely spoiled and inedible before I decide to throw. I remember eating breads which were cultivating fungi on the half surface (ofcourse I didn't eat the fungi part). And it was not even a complicated one, just simple rice and dal. Well to a major extent its a side effect of the FAD (Facebook Addiction Syndrome). So I thought I had enough of punishment for burning food, but the 'Food Gods' had other plans, this time freaking me out.

 I was casually hogging on the most important meal of the day, Breakfast (Oh yeah, I make sure to have routine meals!). I had two slices of bread, omlette, apple, pear and a few dates fruit. As I was eating I saw a small insect crawl on the plate near the dates, I just removed it and continued to eat. A few minutes later, I saw a small white worm, yes worm, around the same place where the insect was. It was in the larva stage (if I remember my biology), moving around. Now that freaked me out a bit, I started looking in the bread, apples and pear, everything looked fine. The plate was also clean. And then I cut open the dates, voila, I discovered it! The dates fruit providing a very beautiful home for the growth of these insects. And then it struck me, the dates fruit, WHICH I HAVE BEEN EATING FOR A MONTH, providing a nest for these insects! I felt nauseated, for a moment. It was a 250 gms package, I had eaten almost upto 3/4ths of the package. Well whats done is done, its been 2 weeks now, I haven't had anything weird so far, other than my mind playing games with weird crawling sensation throughout my body. I still keep my fingers crossed though, that all those worms (if any), should have dissolved as proteins, and nothing else. Now I have started praying to 'Food Gods' to bring me more 'Food Luck', as in no food with such kind of worms or burnt food, just normal food. Actually it'd be cool if I got some kinda super power through this, become a worm-man or something, but that'd be just disgusting!!! (And I know I have been watching one too many super hero movies).

P.S. - Oh BTW, read at your own risk of getting nauseated. The writer shall not be held responsible for any such kinda feeling setting in...!!!

Many food luck and happy hogging to all. Till next time - signing off..!!!