Jul 9, 2010

Football Stories..!!!

The World Cup for any sport, does create a buzz and sparks the interest, even if you know very little about the game. At times, even the ignorant, gets all worked up just because they are surrounded by the company, but what puts them into foray are, the moments and their enigmatic (am being very polite..!!! :D) expressions, and what follows is roars of laughter, completely indifferent to the match situation, and eureka, ofcourse.

Scene 1: Ghana vs Germany

Few of us decide to go for public viewing, x,y... (aah what the hell!!!), Eby, Ganesh, Arif, Krutarth and me. We enjoy the match, and the post-match celebration especially. Throughout the match Arif had an expressionless face while the rest of us kept jumping around the exciting moments. We didn't notice this.

Scene 2: Argentina vs Germany 

I was supporting for Argentina, so from the 3rd minute of the match I was like totally down. GB, also vouched for Argentina and Eby for Germany and again Arif, we didn't know. And thats when suddenly Argentina gets a chance for a goal and the referee calls it an offside. I was banging my head on the wall and Eby was shouting all along and just going to drink water. The next moment, there was a projectile water ejection from his mouth, thanks to Arif, who came up with one of the most innocent questions, "What is an offside?"  The other 3 of us were speechless, as we were screaming on the floor, Arif didn't have clue as to what happened. The only part of the match I enjoyed.
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