Apr 3, 2010


"I hate them!"

Its a very contradictory notion, considering the name of my blog and what it stands for, but if anything my dislike for the this phrase has only increased. The reason is very logical, as it lasts only for a moment, which has a range of a few seconds to a maximum of an hour or two personally, and I seem to get most of my fruitful work done only within that time, with a few exceptions. Mathematically the ratio gets worse, as this accounts for less than 1% of my entire life time so far and nothing much can be done about it, as it is named so, to give the "moment", its importance.Apparently I seem to have found others who share the same notion. :D

A recent conversation, within a small group of friends (the content is cleansed for the benefit of the readers! ;) :P)

A: Machan, only after coming out, I have realized that we have done very less work. People here have done more.
Me: Well they could have got better guidance.
B: Yeah right! Nice way to put it out like that. We rather start getting serious.
A: Yep, I better stop watching "movies" and start doing work.
Me: Sure man, nice dialog in the 'spur-of-the-moment'. Let me call you tomorrow to check what the hell are you sowing where.
B: Yeah the lethargy does set in quite soon.

And so in the spur-of-the-moment I switch the play button on an IIT video lecture, which has been on buffering since yesterday, as I was supposed to hear it yesterday. Just when I think I have done the right moves, within next 5 minutes I get a video call from a relative and the rest is history! (Ofcourse the call lasted only for 5 minutes, but the moment's gone and lethargy creeps in.)