Sep 25, 2008

The so called PUNKS..!!

I still remember, seeing Amitabh Bachchan / Rajnikanth in movies earlier, fighting these huge- sized, weirdos, with almost shaved head except the center part, where they have quite long hairs and with colours like red, blue, green,etc. all over them, calling themselves as villains. The image got embedded in my brain, that this is how villains looked. I used to wonder, are these people crazy to have a style like these, even though they were called villains. Well, one does do crazy stuffs for movies. I happen to see these styles more, when I started watching star movies, the mid-80s rock star, with complete weird styles, like shaving just half of their head, tattoos, small are fine, but having tattoos covering almost the entire body looks pathetic! I thought such practices of shaving just half of the head were done here, to humiliate a person (chehre pe kaala rang and gadhe ki sawari!).

Anyways, I hope one would have understood, my personal reaction towards such styles, I dont mean to offend them, after all they are also called ' "styles" ' (its not gramatical error, but just extra quotes, for extra effect!). Well I never thought, that I would be a spectator to such styles in reality (again, not sounding very offensive!), but common, imagine I walk out of the Hauptbahnhof (Central station) here, I see a person, with half shaved hair, with magenta colour on the remaining hair, the ear on the shaved side of head with rings (4 or 5), black jeans and black leather jacket, and the best part was when I realized it was a woman. And what was even astonishing, she was only one of the many such stylists (I wanna sound optimistic!) I saw. My face was, woah! am I in TV, any shooting going on here? Nope she was a reality, I knew I should have taken a pic. Anyways, the tough part was to differentiate between a guy and a girl, black being their dress code, only the tops they wore helped in distinguishing, as their styles were so similar, a casual glance wouldn't be sufficient. What amazes me everytime I look at them, is their creativity on experimenting on their body (tattoos, piercings!), with the worst combinations of colours (blue, lavender!), thats the reason I have separate kind of respect for someone like Lasith Malinga (lighter note!). Some observation helped in distinguishing between the male and female a bit easily, the guys wore jeans so low, that at some point you would wonder, how is that jeans still on him. Apparently the women, wear tight jeans. Well, even if you are comfortable with these tattoos and stylish hair colours, and just when you start thinking that there not much abnormal about that, the piercings will freak you out. I still remember, when I got on the bus, I saw this female right before me, with almost 5 rings around her mouth, I mean who pierces in mouth, and 5 rings, 1 or even 2 rings are quite common and how does she even eat! Gimme a break! Well I had to turn my face immediately, or I would have ended up either shouting or laughing. Well, on one side, I cant stop being amazed at them for experimenting with themselves at these extreme ways, in which one would imagine and thats a pretty difficult thing to do. I mean even if I would want to do such stuff (which will never be in this lifetime!), just for say, I dont think I will do it, just thinking of others reaction, but for them to reach to such an extent, they have my appreciation.

Sep 22, 2008

The Real Game Begins..!!

After the fun-filled snow war trip to certain place in Alps, the name of which I have finally discovered as to be Oberjoch (pronounced as Oberyokh!), we had a small session of music exchange with our German class batch. As I had told earlier, our German teacher became quite a good friend of ours and we had decided on a small musical exchange session of each country, 2 Australian (Peter and Matt), a Costa Rican, a Columbian and an India, ofcourse me, in our dorm. This was good time, listening to some famous typical Australian music, there's difference in the type of music, even though they have the same language of English, Pablo (Costa Rican) playing some of his Reggae tunes, William (Columbian) playing some of his Spanish songs (which I have found a certain liking to!), our German teacher, Ivana, playing to some of her favourite German songs. From my side, they danced to the tunes of Delar Mehendi's 'Rang De Basanti' and the melody of 'Malargale Malargale' from Love Birds. This was happening on April 13, 2008 Sunday evening. The next day was the big day, April 14th, when we started some serious studies.

So the day begins, with me getting up on time, for a change, 8 am and starting for my class, which was to begin at 10 am. I didnt want to be late here also, and hence reached the place 10 mins before time. The lecture was Communication Engg., which as per the seniors, is the second most difficult paper in Uni Ulm. There I sit in the lecture, with a hope to make sure that I understand each and every word uttered by the professor. Taking about whom, this was the first time I was sitting in a lecture, where I can really say its a Professor, coz he was a Doctorate, and he had published some innumerable papers and he was having the latest laptop for lecture (its the fancier part!) and he was the head of 2-3 research groups. Back in India, we get to see such professors only in IITs. And I realized something else, when the number of degrees for a Prof. increases, the extent of one's comprehension of his words decreases proportionally, atleast thats what I experienced. Nevertheless, being the first class, introductory and history of communication, there was nothing much to understand, it was not the same in the subsequent lectures. The lecture lasted for around 2 and half hours, which made me feel worse, coz my limitation for any lecture back in India, never lasted more than 30 mins, with my ultimate concentration levels, and here all the lectures lasted atleast an hour (Oh brother!). Well I figured out, at some point, the early, the better, I have to get used to this, if I have to reduce my stress during the exam days. My schedule was not very grueling, it was comfortable, with 1 Technical Lecture on Mondays and German class in the evening, another Tech and Cultural Crossroad on Tuesday, 2 Tech and German on Weds, free Thurs and one 4 hours Tech on Fris. In between we can have an appointment for lab, whenever the supervisor and we were free, which was generally on Fris after the lecture. Finally I was relieved, that the technical course had started, however, relief is just related to my feeling that the course had started, the part which came next was not so relieving.

Sep 16, 2008

Gender Variations..!!

Yesterday, I was helping out one of my seniors move out, and we were having a normal conversation. In between conversations, she would stop and think and then again start talking, quite evident that something was bothering her, which she revealed that she was thinking if she had taken everything or missed out anything. This reminded me of the situation when we used to travel out of station, my mom would always start freaking out just an hour before we start for the station, thinking if she had switched off the gas, is the house locked properly, are the windows closed, the balcony door locked, etc. and by the time the train starts, both me and my father would make big attempts to tell her that everything is in place at house, but still those small doubts keep bothering her. So when I told her this scenario, she told me that this was because women are responsible people, i.e, they take responsibility easily. So we had quite a calm argument on who takes the responsibility better, the conclusion for which was brought about by she telling me to watch after my marriage. Nevertheless this scenario only makes me wonder, when does a woman have the ultimate sureness that the job is done and perfect. I feel this is the precise reason why they take such a long time shopping also. Men know what they want, and goto the place where they know they would get what they want, however, when it comes to woman, the moment they enter the shop, they start getting unsure, if they have reached the right place for the stuff and even if they have or have not, they would not leave the place until they have a look around for stuff which is present there, whether they want it or not. Without doubt, this is the only reason, which would drive any man crazy while shopping with a woman, who knows what she wants but is unsure whether to buy the stuff she doesn't need now (there is difference between what you want and what you need!), just because she is not in the right place. Whats even worse, men are posed with the question, do you think I should buy this. Consider the situation, that a woman wants to buy a saree, but the same shop, knowingly or unknowingly, has a jewelery section, now anyone would be attracted to have look, which is quite understandable, but the thing that really puts one off, is trying out on almost all the pieces, and finally deciding on the buying a particular piece of jewelery, which has to be one of the costliest (ok, money does not count in every time, but still!), and which is not the need of the hour, and by the time you reach the saree section (which is why you came for shopping!), it would have been two hours since you started. Well if thats not enough, consider this, reaching home and saving up the bill, just incase if they wanted to exchange, I mean common gimme a break. Exchanges are acceptable if the thing gets damaged, but exchanging almost every time you shop, what was the necessity to buy it on the first place. No wonder the word shopping lights up any girl's face, but its opposite incase of a guy, when he has to take her (well not incase of all, but most atleast!). However, all this doesn't change the fact, that they help the men choose, one of the best, though that takes some eternal time, but ultimately its a better one than what the man would have selected. The only conclusion I can make, is for any woman the thing called 100% surety on anything is out of question.

Sep 15, 2008

Trip to Alps: Episode 2: The Snow War..!!

The evening on the first day, gave us a small idea on what have Hillary and Norgay
would have gone through, while climbing the Everest, though this cannot be compared to even 1% of that, but atleast we knew what they had achieved, was not a piece of cake. The storm was so enormous, that our visibility levels were zero, we couldn't see the our neighbours, when we were outdoors, and neighbours here I mean who are standing like next to you. I cant even imagine going out in that storm. Just to give you an idea, this was just the start of the storm. But in a way it was good, as none of the students ventured out and everyone was forced to stay together and we ended up having a great time.

So the next morning was pretty good, except for the breakfast. The worst part of this trip has to be the food. Not sounding very negative, it was pathetic, especially, after going on a spree of cornflakes, milk and honey, imagine on the trip you eat bread, cheese, salami, etc, I don't even want to think about it! But still had to suffice my hunger. Fruits were a good substitute, but again not as good as it sounds. So we start our hiking trip now, but even before the trip we started the 'The Snow War!'. Its sounds something very childish, but a person of any age, cannot stop the temptation of making rolls of that snow and throwing at others. Bhuvan, tried to act brave by wearing just the kurta and no overcoat, and was submerged in a pile of snow as soon as he came out. It was a lesson, that dont take such chances when you are in a place surrounded by snow, you make enemies within seconds :D! Vamsi and myself were already involved in war, but the heaviest contribution and fierce rivalry came from the Egyptians, as they were making rolls of the size of bowling balls and throwing almost at everyone. Finally not withstanding it, a group was formed between the students from India and Pakistan (wow, now you didnt expect that, did you!) against the Egyptians. Here started the real fun, during the trip, around every corners, the Egyptians would gather themselves, and start rolling up snow, and we would send a bait, which had to be Bhuvan most of the time, and start throwing of snows. Bhuvan would always find himself submerged in the snow. During all these, the students from China, acting very diplomatic, would be the spectators.

I suppose, this was the best part of the trip, it was great fun, especially coz our team would huddle up like those american rugby teams, forming strategies to bring them down. Finally the war ended, with both the sides doing equal damage to the players ;) and by the time we reached the our dorm, we were tired enough, that only beds miraged before our eyes. Again in the evening, the weather got worse and we regrouped together to have some good time in the common room. Winding up, here's a pic of the people who fought the snow war.

Sep 11, 2008

Trip to Alps: Episode 1 - The Start...!!!

So finally, after a month of knowing about Ulm, getting my German fiasco corrected (sigh! I actually dont have a count of them!), the cooking experiments (in this case I was the test piece! not a big surprise, no one would have given an attempt even if I agreed to pay them!) and lots and lots of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we finally had the technical group gathering, where we were told the schedule for the next 3 months and though it didnt sound hectic, it was. However, the best part about the beginning was, we were to goto a place in Alps (its some complicated name, I cant recollect now!) and we had this induction program there, on the top. Now thats what I call an induction program! So we were supposed to gather at the Ulm Hauptbahnhof (Ulm main station), a train journey of 2 hours and then a hiking trip of half an hour. So the preparation for that, ahem, was quite overwhelming. I ended up wearing 4 layers of clothes and then a jerkin, just to be cautious, as it was the month of april and still snowing.
So the assembling time was morning 8am, which meant that I had to wake up early (damn!), which I managed to. Just had the usual amazingly healthy and boring breakfast of cornflakes and juice (man, am becoming a foreigner!) and started off the Bahnhoff (station). By the way, if I am using more German words in the subsequent posts, it must be considered the extent of my knowledge in German and not that am blowing my own trumpet :D! Talking about breakfast, sometimes, I wonder if I am really eating anything in the mornings. There was a time when I used to have chapathis, dosas, upmas, etc and never ate rice, nor drank milk and its just the opposite now, eating cornflakes in the mornings with milk, the afternoon food includes rice. Makes me wonder am I really in dreamland and is this reality. Anyways, but cornflakes does give lot of energy, even though its thoroughly boring. So I pack up some fruits and take water, and leave the dorm with Bhuvan. Surprisingly, we were well ahead of time, a change from being the usual late person, which made me really uncomfortable. Guess being on time never suits for a person of my caliber :D. And so we started our 2 hour journey in the train, which was not so entertaining, as it was crowded and I ended up sitting in corner listening to music on my ipod, which most of the others followed.

As we came near to the station, the beautiful scenery reflected on everyone's retinas, and people were swaying between the two sides of the train, wondering which side to look. The amazingly beautiful snow, covering the tip of the mountain, with greenish tinge of trees appearing in some places, is simply unexplainable. The digicams kept on clicking, even though the clicking speed was slow, making the pictures the worst representation of those scenes. And I was still trying to use my 2.0 Megapixel mobile cam in Sony Ericsson K750i, to bring out the best images possible, only in vain. The person beside me, William, using his 10 MP digicam, would just look at me, and I could comprehend each and every word:

William: "Dude, I am using a 10 MP camera and am not getting a descent pic with the train moving so fast, and you expect to catch a pic with that 2MP mobile cam of yours. Gimme a break!"

I was obviously intimidated by his digicam, nevertheless my pride didnt give up and returned a look telling, "Duh! you dont know unless you try!" Anyways, I was on the loosing side, for obvious reasons, else the Cannon company would have shut down. So we finally reached the station, and then we were able to take some good snaps, ofcourse in William's cam, I had to give up.

We took a bus from there and moved on further, and again those snow covered mountains, with traces of greenery in between, just got framed in my mind. Even though I repeat it a million times, the words dont express the real beauty. We reached to a certain part of the hill, and the path ahead was a small hiking trip of 10 mins. Well it was not really a hiking, just walking on the road, but the it was such a slant, that once if you would start rolling, you could easily return
all the way back to the station from where you took the bus. It had to be atleast a 60 degree slant on which the road was laid and walking up the
slant makes you feel even bad. To make it worse, I happened to realise my 4 layers of clothing, due to which I had started to sweat, and the baggage that I had packed. Well, I am sure, that i would have reduced most of my excess fat in that
particular strip of road. When we finally reached the top, which seemed to take an eternity, it was like heaven and it was just for a moment, as we had a storm approaching and had to get into our rooms immediately.

The evening was really good, except for the dinner, which I dont even remember what I ate, which explains how worse it would have been. But after the dinner, the real fun started, we had one of classmates playing some amazing tunes on the guitar and a few of them indulging in an entertaining game of cards, which included us. Perhaps the only moment so far, where the entire batch was together. We had to hit the bed by midnight, as on the next day, 2 long hiking trips, amidst the mountains, awaited us.

Sep 4, 2008

On a F.R.I.E.N.D.S spree..!!

One very common tradition for people, during their studies is, getting used to sitcoms, atleast from my perspective, and having a whole database of links, where you can watch DVD Rip of movies, sometimes even for those that have not been released, etc. I will be concentrating more on sitcoms in this post, especially only one, which is quite obvious from the title. Among the German classes and fluctuations in my emotions, they kept me occupied. A year back, or never would be precise, I knew that I will get hooked up with sitcoms to such an extent. It like a permanent closed gate, once opened, never closes (Ok! Its metaphor! :D).

So there was this sitcom called Friends, started in 1994, I guess thats just a few years after we got cable in India, when The Bold and The Beautiful, used to be the words in everyone's mouth, for quite obvious reasons. However, in the next few years I saw a major transition, and Friends was the buzz word everywhere. I did want to start watching it, but I couldn't bring myself to sit before the tv, exactly at 7:30pm or 8pm, waiting for the show, or whatever. The internet came and it was quite sometime until a few years back, where one could easily download any episode, anytime and watch it anywhere(Sounds great, perfect for me, but who will give such a large amount of free download capacity on net!). Well things happened, a few years later, when I was in Ulm, for my Masters and free 24 hrs, high speed internet, awaited on me. A thought came, that this was my best chance, not that I had only this in mind, but I realized I had to use this opportunity efficiently.

When I was among these thoughts, something even better happened. I went to William's room, and happened to see this pack, called Friends, 40 DVDs, 10 seasons, and I was like, Oh My God! (you can say its equivalent to Jannes in Friends! :D). And thats when it started. I started completing 2 DVDs a day and each DVD had 6 episodes. It was as if I was getting tired of borrowing DVDs from William or frustrated waiting for him to get a new DVD, when he wasnt there in his room, that another classmate of mine, provided all the 10 seasons on the hard drive. And I was like, what more could I ask for. I still remember, every episode, was just tears of laughter, great timing dialogs, and I just couldn't get over it. I was able to complete this sitcom in less than 2 months and some of them told, you took so long to complete it. I mean, what the hell, I have to go for lectures and they were like, yeah right! No wonder, it did the buzz word for so long. A brief intro on the characters for those who have not watched it yet:

Monica: The super competitive, organized-freak Friend, always looks to be best in whatever she participates.
Phoebe: The sweetest and sexiest of all the Friends, always in her own world.
Rachel: The spoiled beautiful girl of a rich doctor, who runs away on her wedding day, when she realises that someone else turns her on, than her fiance.
Chandler: The sarcastic Friend, uses humor as defense, thats what he says, and works as Process blah blah, even I dont know that.
Ross: The geek Doctor who is fanatic about his Paleontology profession, and gets divorced thrice before the age of 30 :D. Also Monica's brother.
Joey: The stupid Friend, who cant use his head for anything but is a master is wooing the women.

Some of my favourite dialogs from Friends:

Joey to Monica: Common Monica, you are going out with a guy, there must something wrong with him.
Chandler: I wish I were a lesbian, Oh did I say that loud!
Ross to Chandler: Whatever dude, you kissed a guy!
Rachel to her dad on phone: May be I dont need you money (the phone goes dead), oh wait, I said may be!
Phoebe to Ross: Oh oh, you aura is so dirty!
Monica on her prom video, where she is fat and weighs around 150 pounds: Camera adds 10 pounds on your image. Chandler: So how many cameras were on you?
Ross: I did give up a career in Basketball, to Paleontology!
Joey: You are hurting my Joey's Apple! (relating to Adam's apple)
Chandler: I can't remember, which of Joey's 7 sisters, I slept with!

I guess, everyone should watch this atleast once, not necessarily at the same pace as mine, but yeah its fun and best way to beat stress. Also tells us, that nothing remains unsolved, if we start talking.

Pearls from the Sky..!!

I was going through my posts, just for review, actually feels great to know that people do find the blog good, just builds up more confidence, not sounding very overwhelming though (:D), I came across a comment. Well, it was not a bad one, my friend had just posted that, this was more like a personal diary (Thanks Aparna!). Now, I dont know if I am stupid or what, I actually never realized that. Its not bad that this is like my personal diary, but its just that I never realized that, and thats not the only reason I had my blog for. Actually, I shouldn't be talking about that, as when I started the blog, it was like I would be reviewing everyday activity, back in September 2007. Thinking of which, I restarted my blog around the sametime, I hope this again doesn't meet the same fate, as earlier. Ok now this post is not all about this blog being a personal diary and me going crazy over, why I never realised it, but just posting a different topic. I will continue with my experiences in Germany, in the subsequent posts.

Anyways, when I was in Kindergarden, I remember looking up towards the sky and wondering if there was a big shower somewhere above, for the rain. I am sure everyone would have had their own theories. The cartoons would display the cloud to be a packet holding water and the lightening acting as scissors and cutting through it to drop rain. Kindergarden, is supposed to be the days when the brain is most active, as we develop our own theories, within our limits, and with pretty satisfactory results too, until they are proved wrong by those printed pages of bound organizatons called Books (I hate when they are right!). So coming back, but apart from those theories development, the one thing I never forget is the smile it brings on my face. I would just want to go, run, roll, sleep, play, whenever those pearly, white drops come down from the sky, but in vain, as when you are that small, you are supposed to be heavily watched over, even one step out in rain, and Harish you are grounded for the week(Crap!). Well they had their reasons, who would want to keep going to Doctor with illness, for playing in rain, almost everyday. Especially, after a sunny day, however, being sunny or rainy harldy brought a big difference, but there always used to be some connection between those rainy days, when I was more happy.

As I grew, I came to know the real reason behind rain, those evaporation and condensation, blah-blah, however, this hardly changed any effect of those rainy days. It was just that during these rainy days, most eventful things happened for me. Ok, remembering, I had my first serious accident also during a rainy day, not sounding very pesssimistic, blinded by rain and going at a speed of 60kmph, on a scooty and trying one of those movie stunts, where people drive with their eyes closed in rain, what do you expect? Well I learnt something, movies and real lives are different. I would simply find some reason, just to go out get wet in rain, even if it meant pushing my scooty pretending to be punctured, or reaching half-an hour late for my computer classes.

Now, am in a different country and I see that my inclination towards the rainy days hasnt changed a bit. Just one shower, and everything seems so fresh and so green. Even the smell of rain, the smell of sand or earth during rains, just brings on the goosebumps. Well looks like I ended up making this post also personal.

Sep 2, 2008

The Following Month..!!!

Over the next few hours, after our German exam, and my short-lived happiness (higher German level, with no chics..!!! hmph!! cant get a better sad-happy condition), we were alloted the classes according to our level. The classes start everyday at 8 30am in the morning ('Darn, so early, I haven't managed to get up before 9am!') till 12 noon. So the next day keeping that in mind, I try waking up early, but only in vain. I found this amazing ability, where I could switch off the alarm subconsciously. When I woke up it was already 8am ('Class in half an hour, forget it Harish! But yeah first classes always have albeit, searching for the class and stuff'). So somehow, I get superfast and manage to have my breakfast and dress up within half an hour ('Man, am I a super human!'). I have always wondered, should there always be a critical situation for me to act super efficient. Anyways, so I end up going half an hour on the first day of the class as usual('I could see the reactions of the others, what a guy to come late on the first day!'). However, I was surprised by my German teachers reaction. She was pretty cool, ('Thank God!'), actually she looked pretty good too, and was quite young compared to other German teachers, for Vamsi and Bhuvan (ha ha..!!).

The next four hours were tough and superb. Tough, because we were allowed to speak only in German in the class and good coz I learned a lot in the first class. The other good thing about my class, was the huge cultural diversity, 2 Australian, 3 Egyptians, 1 Finnian, 1Thai, 2 Chinese, 1 Costa Rican, 1 Columbian and 1 Indian. Wow, I really didnt think it was this big, until I mentioned it here. There was one thing about this class that I could never forget, again something to do with my name, thankfully not a great deal. While passing the name list, I mentioned my name as Harish N and German teacher, started calling me as Harishn (just for pronunciation it sounded- Harishen). ('What the hell, thats my Last name.') I didnt have the energy to correct it again, only to see hear everyone calling me Harishen, and William continuously asking me, that isnt supposed to be your real name right?, suspiciously. Everytime I bump into the Egyptians, they ask, what is your name, Harish or Harishen?, which I do clarify to them, but everytime, common that was not funny. So finally, after one month, when my introductory German class was finally over, I told Ivana(German Teacher):

Me: Mein Name is Harish und nicht Harishen. N ist mein Nachtname. (politely, my name is Harish and not Harishen. N is supposed to be my Last name).
Ivana: Achso, tut mir leid, du muss früher zu mir erzählte. (You should have told me earlier).
Me: Ja, aber mach nichts, das ist ok. (No problem, its ok)

So finally I correct my name. Talking about Ivana, she became quite a good friend of ours. Before finishing our classes with her, we also happened to go out for a get together. It is always good to have someone younger, as a teacher, compared to the oldies (:D). Not to forget the fact, that I ended up going late on all days. My earliest to class was a day, when I was late by 5 minutes ('It has to do something with my Bus driver, I reached the bus stop at 8:15 that day!').

There was quite a lot of mixed emotions in this month, for me, like the first thing was the course had not started yet, so there was no pressure. In weekends I would spend sleeping, till late in the afternoon and once I wake up, lunch would ready for me, courtesy, Bhuvan. Before going ahead, I have to mention here that for the entire first month, my eating urges were taken care by Bhuvan. Everyday, it would be like an order, the dinner would be either salami sandwich, or if am bugged with that, I would call up Bhuvan (I try hard not to bother him, but in vain! :D):

Me: Dude, whats for dinner?
Bhuvan: I havn't made anything yet.
Me: Ummm, how about besibela?
Bhuvan: Yeah I make real good Besibela.
Me: You expect that I was gonna say, that am making Besibela bhaath, ofcourse you are only making it.
Bhuvan:$&%&$%&, atleast for a change, make something dude.
Me: Machan I have no probs, but I dunno anything in cooking, so eat at your own risk.
Bhuvan: &§$%§$%, alright, come up in an hour.
Me: You are the best, buddy.

So this is how I end up, giving no other choice, for Bhuvan to cook. He does cook well though. But yeah, now I have started making my own food, dont wanna be bad mouthed by him always (lighter note), but seriously dont want to be dependent on him, though cant say much about the food I make. On the other side, Vamsi had already started his tests and his experiments were turning out to be more than successful( once when I had a chance to taste, his food, it was pretty good). ('Boy, could have I asked for anything more, if Bhuvan doesnt cook, Vamsi dude, am coming over for lunch/dinner'). A normal weekend routine would be, wake up at 11 or 12, log on to orkut, call Bhuvan at 1pm for lunch, watch some movie, again call Bhuvan at 9pm for dinner, goto sleep at 2am. However, among these were moments, where I would feel pathetic, as I had no part time job, and I was learning German, even though I knew that Technical course would start in a month, having the thought that around 325 euros were going just was learning German in the first month would drive me crazy, I would end thinking if this was a good decision. But somehow, I would gain courage to calm myself. These things made me realize, the different reasons, why studying abroad has never been a piece of cake and I guess it never will be.