May 7, 2010

"Miss" - understand!!!

So the other day was catching up with an old friend of mine. It is then that one gets to realize, how even a smallest quantity of time could bring about so many changes. I guess a moment's time is enough for a person to change completely and then you feel it serves good to accept the change, as 'change' is inevitable. It also helps one to notice the change in oneself.

Getting to the other side of philosophy (I know it doesnt go with my blog or tone :P ),I was probably talking to her after like 3-4 months and its like am talking to a new person. Ok, not literally, but with regards to happenings around her. We were on the general, quarter-life crisis topic of relationships.

She: Right, havnt you realized I have stopped blogging?
Me: Geez, whats with you people, stopping the blog after getting into relationship.
She: When you get in a relationship, you would get to do more useful stuffs than blogging!

Me: Yeah Right!

Ok, I decipher this as:

She: I have a dedicated personnel to hear my rampant blabbering, so I have decided to spare the world off my blog!

P.S. : 'She' dont kill me now! :D