Jan 29, 2010

India Calling..!!!

Days of anxiety have finally passed,
Happiness of familiarity has at last amassed.

The days are 33 from Feb 1st,
The spirits are high, quenching my thirst.

The reality is yet to commence,
But the illusion of bliss is pretty dense.

I only hope they reach their crescendo,
For it is to India, where I go..!!! :)

Jan 4, 2010

A Cat-Mouse story..!!!

Doors banging, glasses breaking, things going "clank-boom-baam-bash-...", literally making any peaceful environment, a center stage of chaos, all the doing of two insignificant characters, with a rivalry equaling the US and the early USSR, and yet bringing a smile to everyone's face. Rings a bell! Yes the very old Tom and Jerry cartoon, one which breaks the wall for ages.

"It's a cat and a mouse story! What could be so funny about it?" was my first comment when a friend of mine, first told me about this cartoon years ago. Ofcourse, the explanation from his side wasn't too artistic enough to even relate to the original.

The morning of the 2010, greeted me with this pack on a German channel. Now thats whats wonderful about Tom and Jerry, you don't need a language to understand it. Just a kind of dose, I required for the new years day. Thanks to this the day turned out to be less dreadful than I had imagined. It did get me a bit nostalgic, on the days, where my Dad and I would fight for the remote to just get the TV on, to watch the same channel and same cartoon (Never wondered, why there'd be struggle for watching the same cartoon!!!). Nothing would prevent the sunday morning 7am show of T&J on cartoon network, until the stupid CAS (Pay Channel) system arrived. But then some other alternate channels would always air the show. I don't even remember how many times I 'd have watched the same thing, everytime it succeeds to burst my stomach open. I guess I even had a CD collection of the same. It worked all the time when we had relatives and their KIDS over. Everytime you feel like loosing control, just play it on, and there is silence in the room. Almost works with the adults too. One of the few things which makes you tickle, and instills the lost innocence in your laughter.