Nov 24, 2011

Daddy's Back...!!!

Alright, I get it, looks like the jinx is working. The day I started this, I was jinxed with the ability to keep it regular. Lesson learnt, never over-think to think over something, just go ahead and do it, ofcourse the rule has its exceptions. So on yet another stint to keep my blog alive, I try a return with a typical 'Barney Stinsonesque' stylish-but-desperatesque quote, 'Daddy's Back', which has got nothing to do with getting hooked up for a happy ending (I know it sounds so lame!). Nevertheless, its gonna be legend--- wait for it ---

Just before we get on, a few updates from my last post. I finally managed to graduate in Masters, after a struggle (physical - don't be surprised and mental) of around 3 years, for a course which was supposed to be finished in 2 years - ideal case scenario are always so hypothetical. Nevertheless it feels good to put a title like M.Sc./MS/Masters after my name. (yet again, lame!) I managed to find a job too and shifted to Austria, and hence the start of the Austrian Chronicles, (I'll try to make this exciting!) so yet another country on my list checked. Wait, it was never on my list, hmmm, oh well, yet another country checked.

A bigger outlook, India managed to win the cricket world cup 2011, for which I celebrated by getting my face painted. (Ok I agree its not as big as Poonam Pandey or Laura Riquelmy declaring to strip for World Cup win, but common its a celebration and not a punishment, nevertheless a bit of self -glorification!)

 So that was a small brief on the updates so far. Here's hoping a new beginning, a new place and a new life turns out to be exciting enough to complete the first paragraph as --- dary, Legendary...!!!