Apr 21, 2009

Bhuvan's postulate humbled by my dose of optimism..!!!

Right then, a long hiatus is finally broken, and I finally do justice to the unending anticipation of my loyal followers with this post (ok, please dont remove yourself..!!). The almost unending row of examination and my grit of handling them for this long, and for a few days more, has brought out a new perspective of life. The good thing here is that its almost on the verge of getting done with and I can finally get back at enjoying the sunny, not-so-hot-not-so-cold, spring outside, in about 15 days. Although may not sound convincing, but a break of 2-3 months is really overwhelming and the desparation for the 15 days to get over is unimaginable. Getting to the subject of the post, its just another one of my doses of optimism completely bolstering down on the Bhuvan's usual perspectual postulates during examinations. What can I say, optimism just beats everything and I dont seem to get over them :D (I know I need to get back on earth..!!!).

Now, we had just got done with one of the major hurdles, the second most feared paper of our course, RF and Microwave Engineering. Although, in technical terms, RF refers to Radio Frequency, in 'our' terms, RF's got a glamrous definition of getting 'Royal F*cked' and it turned out to be well for most of us atleast, although it was pretty disastrous for me, but all's well that ends well, we got a bit overwhelmed and kinda underestimated the next exam which is on 24th for Bhuvan and 27th for me. Eventhough I enjoy the privilege of having 3 more days, the term slogging seems to be a necessity. So with nerves all over him, Bhuvan gets cracked-up and is in a striking dilema whether to give up the exam or take it. The thought of waiting for one year for retaking the exam,once given up, is a pretty strong reason to take all chances, nevertheless 3 days for the exam, do get on the nerves sometimes. And it is during these moments that Bhuvan's ultra-thinking brain brings out these postulates, and ofcourse there needs to be a person like me around, the main root behind those innumerable postulates of his, coz I supported the thought of giving a chance rather than wait for a year.

So here goes Bhuvan's postulate, in reference to getting prepared thoroughly and going for the exam, or preparing what is 'sufficient' and taking a chance.

Bhuvan: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, machan, I am not taking this now.

Me: Stop acting like one....

Bhuvan: Crazy bugger..!! I know.

Me: See go through the paper, prepare the presentation and just go through the related topics. You should do fine.

Bhuvan (with a philosophical thought): Machan, u know something, there are two scenarios here. See you should have a rubber protection when you are hooking up on a girl, and you should have full gear iron-metal protection when you are going for war on the battlefield. These two things cannot get interchanged. You cant approach a hooked up girl with full gear iron-metal protection and you cant go to a battlefield with a rubber protection.

Drum-rolls please, coz here comes the dose of optimism, that completely bowled Bhuvan's theory.

Me: Machan, tell you what, consider your statements, I would say your reverse statement would work, coz you never know, the full-gear iron-metal protection might save you from a possible ambush, if there was, when you are gettin hooked up and you might as well go to a battlefield with a rubber protection, who knows the enemy might have a fleet of naked desparate ladies.

Bhuvan: Faints..!!! Nandagopal ki jai ho..!!!