May 5, 2009

"Nice cut" - say what..!! @#@$%@#..!!!

4 months, 23 days - the time span, after which I finally gave in to the luring of the automatic-razor, to mow my hair, and provide a neat cut. A very straight-forward difference between developed and developing country, the Barbers here use more of automatic-razor than a scissor, pretty concerned sight for any person sitting for a hair-CUT and not a shave. The history of hair cutting for me has always been, ahem, shoddy, and so I had very little hopes and considering the high expenses for hair-styling saloons (yes, I did consider them..!!), I thought, lets give it another chance, naturally my mistake.

After around half an hour's wait, I heard the person calling me to take a seat. I dont know if it always happens with me, whenever, I consider that this barber is cutting well and I should stick with this guy, the next time, somehow, that doesnt work out. Probably, a conspiracy, for all the first-timers, of letting loose their 'handicraft' on me. sigh..!! Nevertheless, expecting the worst I sat on the chair (a reverse psychology theory, which failed miserably..!!). As I started speaking in german, the owner, directed the barber to speak in english, I think. "Finally, some luck going my way", were the first words, and also the only instance where things seemed to go in the right direction.

"Please cut in half the length, evenly in all sides". The guy had a confused look and then wobbled his head sideways, reminding our peculiar way of nodding. One thing about the european people, when I say they know english, it means a literal translation of the sentence in their language, and so the verbs could go haywire. A reason why, I have a new respect for Wren-&-Martin for authoring the wonderful book. Alright, the biggest fiasco of the day is yet to happen, and its not the cutting part. I dont know what prompted me, probably the confused look on his face, but I asked him to give a suggestion, and the guy suggested for a mushroom cut. Nevertheless, I asked him not to make too short, and the rest is history, as my worst nightmare had already begun the moment I asked him for his suggestion. Ironically, after the cut, the guy shows an extra mirror asking if the cut was aligned properly at the back, I only took time to think which would be the apt curse for him, which almost came out of my mouth when he let out the words "Nice cut..!!". Fighting hard to keep my mouth shut, I paid the 10 euros (Oh yes, thats the cheapest..!!), and left the place. After coming out and looking at a glass window, I could only laugh it out, as nothing else could be done and realised that I wouldnt need a cut for the next 6 months.

May 2, 2009

4 movies and yet a long day..!!!

Right then, after continuous, non-stop bragging over my pathetically long exam schedule, lasting for ages (actually 3 months), I finally get a breather to spend some time home. Thanks to weather Gods that nature ranked next. Actually got one more exam to go, but I can afford a week's relaxation. The few days after the exam were pretty tedious, as I had to compensate for the loss of working hours, for studying (I wish..!!:P), and I was waiting for Friday, May 1, thinking about getting up at 10am or 11am and just lazing around the entire day, which eventually turned out to be one of the longest days ever. These are just the aftermath of a totally screwed up schedule, suddenly you dont have anything to do, but I am happy that its only one day, although breaks like these are welcome but not frequently.

Got an initial hiccup right in the morning, when I wanted to get up at 10 or 11am but ended up waking up at 7 30am, and just rolling over for the next one hour, trying to force myself to sleep, only in vain. After a long time, I had to do 'nothing', so time given the least priority. So started the day with a movie, one of the anime series' movie, which I watch. One of the best breaks for me during the exams was the IPL and it was almost time for the same. Well during exams I used to watch the match, but after the exams, somehow the inertia to watch the match dies out, unless you have a big gang. So I decided to go for another movie during the lunch. Once done with that, I just had a glimpse of the time, and to say that it moved at a snail's pace would be an underestimation. With eyes almost popping out, as what I thought to be 6 hours turned out to only 3 hours, since lunch, I decided to go for another movie, which turned to be a wrong selection, as now the race was between the movie, time and snail as to who would top the podium. I couldnt stop the movie, as I have a bad/good habit of finishing with what I start, unless its utterly trash, here it was acceptable. The movie, Pan's Labrynth, which has got a good rating at imdb, and listed in the top-250 movies to be watched, intrigued me over its hype and, to such an extent, that I ended up searching for the reason, for the next half an hour. Somehow, I couldnt accept that the movie with the usual message of bravery, sacrifice,etc, could have such high ratings. Worse part, I even dragged Ganesh (my roommate), into watching the movie, who only had sweet curses for the director. It was almost 10pm now and I knew I wouldnt be crashing before 12 or 1am, so I hit the link again for another movie, this time a better one, Fast and Furious 4, just the kind of movie for the night, so that you dont end up sleeping on the table. And after what looked like eternity, it was 00 hrs and May 2 was here. I was so busy doing 'nothing', that I decided to give my newly-borrowed fan a wash. For once its good that I dont have a vacation, as attending classes and working would atleast add some spice. I remember one of my friends, asking me what would you do when you have 'nothing' to do? I would say her, today, by the time I went to bed, I did 'nothing', but its certainly not what I want to do, when I have 'nothing' to do. Still figuring that out.