Feb 26, 2010

Su(a)ch is the man..!!!

All right, am not going to write another big viewpoint on the person right now, coz that would throw other professional writers out of business and their articles will be labeled crap. Just a small discussion between me and my dad.

Scene on TV : Special award of 10 Lakh and a Micromax Q5 mobile to Sachin Tendulkar.

Me: Wow, we have a winner among the prizes. He's out there getting lakhs and among them, a 'chillar' mobile is given and thats also being asked for a pose!

Dad: See, at this moment, its not the man receiving a particular prize, but its price which gets the name.

Su(a)ch is the man.

At some point of time, one runs out of adjectives and hence, like I said: " 'Sachin' adj. - a new adjective added in the dictionary in relation to cricket, that describes batting at its best...!!!"