Feb 22, 2009

The Study Holiday 'vows'..!!!

The Educational system works and expects us to work meticulously, right from the start, ordered something like - attend classes, learn, study and prove(exams..!!!) on a 'daily' basis, except for me, this is more of a hypothesis. So I generally work like attend classes (possibly), learn (if its not a boring lecture..!!), study (not daily..!!) and ofcourse there's no escape from the exams. Exams are kinda fun, makes me realize that I have learnt something. However, the en route to them is kinda testing, the fact that keeping a month's time to learn the 4-month course work, obviously does put up quite a challenge. One of the few things, which seems to be always by my side, preventing the nostalgia from springing up (lame excuse..!!).

Right then, as always I start the course work with a month's time before the exams in the so called 'study hols', and as it always happens, the plan would easily envy the best strategists, except that the best plans would never get laid [:P]. Right from the school onwards, the special affinity to 'utilising' the study hols would always sprout new interests other than studying, unfolding a wide activity range from decorating the room to helping folks with home-work. On a normal day dismantling my computer would be quite frustrating, but during study hols it would be like an eight year old opening his b'day present , the fact that I had an old computer made the job even easier. The most curious incident would be finding the most interesting novels during these times, making me wonder - how in world I didnt get my hands on it a month ago or rather - time for some literature! The syndrome seems to have come with me here too, with a small modification, of finding amazingly addictive sitcoms, just a month before the exams. If it was naruto (I'l always blame this on William-my roommate) in the first sem, its How I Met Your Mother (totally Madhan's fault..!!!)this sem. It also happens that I find the best songs and new artists, making me ponder more on their songs. In the end, the day just ends with me actually taking a break to study in between, rather than sitting before the laptop and watching it continuously, where the actual scene should have been the reverse. A reason why I dont stay at my dorm during the evenings on the weekdays and the weekends peak with efficient time waste. Anyways, as I am about to finish this post, as I listen to 'Beautiful beats by Nada Surf' (One of the recent discoveries, today to be precise -an amazing song..!!) my next step would be to watch one more episode of HIMYM, and hopefully complete the topic that I had started today morning.

Feb 11, 2009

Meet your dream partner..!! er..!! say wht..!?

First of all, the fact that am posting this topic in this week, has got nothing to do with v-day or the v-week, except for the coincidental burst of prolonged frustration over the non-stop pop-ups and ads in the internet. The foundation note - over a period time, as the source of entertainment has improved, the advertisement sector has only augmented its annoyance.

I am not completely against the ads, as I have a few of them in my blog itself (doesn't seem useful, thinking of removing them..!!), but how silly an ad could get. The one topping the charts are the cosmetic creams ones (Fair and Lovely to quote one of them..!! :P), where the person would grow fair in 6 weeks (yeah right..!!), and giving them a tough competition has to be the underwear ads, where the person hooks up with the opposite sex coz of a better brand (in the name of God, please..!!). Like people go around wondering what brand the other person wears! Not much needs to be said about their timing and the models, especially the brand Poomer, Poombukar (people from South India would know this..!! I wouldnt be doing justice to them, the brands, by explaining..!!!), T.T, etc.

My personal favourite has to be the ones with the phrase 'Meet the singles in your neighbourhood', 'get laid tonight', 'meet your dream partner', blah blah..!! The basic conclusion one can reach from these ads, is the ignorance of a country's local ads towards the movie stars of other countries. I have seen Nayanthara's pic like a million times in those ads (for people who dont know Nayanthara, she is the latest Tamil Film industry sensation, 'Kollywood' really doesnt sound good..!!). Need I say about the comments put underneath them in the ads. The intriguing part is that these are gaining momentum in social websites, like orkut and facebook. Even if you consider them to be in the same domain, seeing them in news websites just puts you to the epitome of frustration, atleast me. Picture this, a news of bomb blast somewhere, and when you click the link, the first thing that pops-up 'Here are the females in your neighbourhood', and your mind takes the form of Dr.Hannibal Lecter, probably one of the few reasons why I get bugged of internet.

Feb 6, 2009


A hectic day, with Murphy doing a Disco on you with all his laws, the last thing you would want to see is a pathetically foggy evening, completely sucking out all the glimpse of cheer from you (Dementor-ed - to talk in J.K.Rowling's language). I almost experienced a Harry Potter, except for the Dementors. Right then, after glorifying winter, the snow, the ice, etc, in my previous posts, I cant help but only lament, not coz of the winter but its duration, lasting for a bloody 7 months. Too much of anything always gets on the nerves, and this is a perfect illustration (as if I asked for one...!!). The sun, with its celebrity status in this part of the world, makes sure that its importance is acknowledged (wouldnt mind spending some time for suryo-tsavam, if available..!!). The last summer, having experienced just a month of frost, I wondered about people going crazy during the summers. The sounds like, "Hey its summer..!!", "we are going for a hike..!!" , "lets go cycling..!!", "BARBEQUE..!!!", "woah..!! swimming", "fishing..!!" (in God's name please..!!!) and lastly "what are you planning for summer?" would reiterate. The only thought that would come across, quite obviously, "so its summer, big deal..!!", after coming from a place where summer lasts for major part of the year. Less did I know that realization would blow such a jackhammer. At lunch, with my colleagues, the only discussion I get with me, "so, how are you handling the winter?" and each time my answer has only got bitter and bitter. The seniors had also warned that winters are depressing and I got my answer to the question, which had prompted then, "Winter..depressing..!!??" Its not like I havent experienced winter, but only for 3 months. What could get even worse, or in a way is also a positive part, is lurking behaviour of the sun. If it appears for 2 days, making it a pleasant day, it disappears for the next 5 days. The positive here is, atleast it appears for those 2 days. "Who's complaining of the sun or the heat now?" Time does reverse..!!! I surely need some tea (substitute for chocolate) and a patronus charm..!!

Feb 5, 2009

A small step or a giant leap..!!!

Quoting Neil Armstrong, the landing of Apollo 11 on moon, is a giant leap, inspired from a small step. The intriguing part here, which struck me is, the event does not have to be as big as Apollo 11 landing on moon, each and every step is giant leap, except that one realizes it at a later stage.

Talking about the subject, I was just having a chat with a friend of mine, and as its been raining relationships (engagement, marriages, babies, etc) in the past year, I wasn't surprised to get the news of the engagement of quite a close friend. However, what did strike me is the closer are the people related to the event, the greater is the impact one takes on self. It took me sometime to dissolve the news. It is good and sometimes unbelievable(talking in time sense..!!) to get the fact that people who have been around us and spent time laughing all the way, are in those small transits, which eventually are the giant leaps for them, and in-turn for everyone around them (One needs to get serious at some stage..!!!).

Personally, a year and a half ago, I remember sitting before a consultant, who said I could go abroad in a month for studying and I was like, are you crazy..!! So,when I landed here, the fact that I was going to another country, was itself a big achievement, but as I turn around, it is a small initiative, as the survival so long, has over-whelmed it. What lay forth is a series of Hurdles, every leap on a hurdle, requires a short run, made of small steps..!!!