Oct 24, 2007

The Wrath of the Darkness...!!!

He parks his vehicle.. gets down.. looks around for a moment.. the few bright glimpses of the flash lights.. amidst the darkness.. the darkness.. the very word brings him crashing down to realization that he has to walk.. and keep walking.. and so he does.. until..

And so he walks until he reaches an entrance.. very bright.. or atleast appearing bright.. trying to enlighten the darkness.. but in vain.. and all the others smiling at him.. expecting him to reciprocate.. but he couldn't nevertheless.. he does succeed in showing something artificial.. but how long..

And so his artificial smile shows up.. and he could see the others recognising that.. but he keeps his head high.. and moves ahead.. the entrance brings the chills.. the cold vibes going deep till his spines.. and he realizes inspite of his numerous appearances.. this is so new to him.. the person at the entrance seems to speak to him.. but he doesnt hear.. however out of practise he moves his hand and the man does a nod and he moves ahead.. takes the lift and stops at the floor where he goes always..

Out of the misty windows he views the darkness.. with a bit of drizzle and the others enjoying them.. feeling its freshness on their face.. all except him.. he moves on.. envying them.. moves and this time he feels even cooler.. all his warmth overcome by the rough chill.. but he has to move on.. until..

The chill seems to get in his every part of the body.. taking over warmth from inside.. but still he drags himself.. moving ahead and finds the usual.. the blue color chair where he always sits.. only to face the wrath of the darkness.. but still he moves on..

He goes and touches the blue chair.. twisting it.. and then sitting on it.. and closes his eyes.. not wanting to open it.. but has to open them.. but before that he does something different this time.. he moves his hand and touhces the flat small pedestal before him.. full of ridges and furrows.. his eyes shrink with pain.. as if not wanting them there.. he moves his hand further.. feels another pedestal, a bigger one this time.. with flat front.. a cube to be precise.. and his eyes shrink with even bigger pain.. and so with utmost unwilling desire.. he opens his eyes and comes to realize there is no escape.. no relief but the only truth which he has to face and he faces it.. and so he goes on.. with the truth revolving in his mind.. that there is no other go but to work for the next 8 hours in the night shift.