Nov 18, 2009

The Rebel..!!! :D

I learnt quite a few virtues of living, after coming to Germany, but ironically, staying in a hospital has taught me one of the most important one - "To ask..!!!" A reason why I add this to virtues, as generally bearing it "patiently" (also in my case..!! :P) is considered to be of higher morality, but after a certain threshold, keeping shut gives the others a chance for immorality. Ofcourse again just going through with that makes one a higher person, but at the expense of one's own deficit.

A recent conversation between a friend, who had just returned from a trip to India, and me:

Friend: Dude, wassup man, looks like you are having a 2 month paid vacation.
Me: Abe, I have been literally doing a Mahatma Gandhi here on a daily basis.
Friend: What you staged a Satyagraha or what?
Me: Somewhat related..!! (Salt--->Food..!! See the relation..!! :D)

Probably the only hospital where I have to ask for food and somehow make them realize that I am a patient and I need nutrition (read ---> Be a Roman in Rome..!!!). The first 3 weeks, almost no fruits and then I guess they realized it, after seeing my friends get them for me, that they started to give them.

But this beats it on a higher note. Probably the only hospital to ask the patient to change his own bedsheets. Even better,when I asked about this, the hospital correspondent said that, because you are young and that your sheets are infectious, the nurses must have ignored it. I was like, dude do you hear what you are saying, the gloves and the masks are not a fashion statement. I mean, is that even a reason. Although, its not a big deal, coz changing the sheets hardly takes 15 minutes and 50 calories(;)) of my energy. Well something notable, the others in my floors were not subjected to this, but with his reason it was implicit as the others were old. It was easy to figure out. Oh and did I mention that they were germans!

Another interesting conversation between a friend and mine:

Me: Dude, I think it might take another 3-4 weeks for me to get discharged.
Friend: Why are they taking so long to release you?
Me: RELEASE..!!! dude its discharge, don't make it sound as if I am in a jail.
Friend: How big is the difference?

And then it struck me, the only difference was, I don't have a charge-sheet (touch wood..!!) but a medical-sheet,  I have a cellphone and a laptop and no uniform.

P.S. : I know talking ill of the hospital where am getting treated is not really virtuous of me, but then, I aint got anything interesting other than this for my blog. ;) :P :D

Nov 10, 2009

Be a Roman in Rome..!!!

"Be a German in Germany, or watch out for your health and don't get admitted in a hospital..!!!" Although the fact of staying in a hospital is thoroughly depressing, other than the fact of helping yourself to recover,an experience which I didn't want to mention here, but certain scenarios just help you to bring out humour amidst desolation.

Well, yeah getting admitted in a hospital 3 days before the trip back home could be devastating, but cutting the emotional attyachar here, the hospital is desperately trying to bring out the German Harish within me. Prior to this, my usual schedule was to have the breakfast at 10-11am, lunch at 2-3pm and dinner at 9-10pm and I also had lot of spices in my food. And now with the so called german military standards, I get my breakfast at 7 30am, lunch at 11 30 am and dinner at 5pm and, I dunno if its the cooking standard, but food which has only salt in it and absolutely nothing else. The first day was the best, I will never forget the nurse's and my reactions at the evening's dinner/snack or whatever.

So on the first day the dinner comes at 5pm, which I considered as snack. I mean seriously, you have some liquid called as tea and TWO bread slices and cheese. What else do you think of it as..!? I waited till around 8-9pm and then called up the nurse asking for dinner. She only replied that it was already served at 5pm. The only reaction I had was "are you freaking kidding me..!?", just didnt have enough energy to get them out. Nevertheless, I asked her, how were 2 slices of bread and cheese supposed to be dinner till the next day morning 7 30pm. The reply was the best, saying that its the standard (Man, and I was under the impression that the patient's comfort took a priority, what a dunce...!?). I was able to hold back for a few days, but then I started telling that I get hungry at 9pm  and thankfully they did get me something to eat. And now, its 11 am here and am already hungry, waiting for my lunch. I guess I just need to furnish my german, and use salt as the only spice, and start pronouncing "thinking" as "sinking" for my complete transformation.