Jan 16, 2008

A wasted Post or Rapid Propagation of Thoughts..!!!

After nearly a month, realization struck that I had a blog to update. So there I sit back and start to think hard, on the topic, and this process takes another week, not helping though, with me just going to my blog and clicking on the new post link and then signing out and again I start to think of a topic but in vain. So here I sit just to fill this page up with a random lines, just to see on how many different topics can I think at the same time. After all blogs are meant to drop in your thoughts, irrespective of meaning, until it serves a purpose.

Time to reverse and I go back 4 months somewhere in September, where I decided to put up a blog and taking a resolution to update it everyday, atleast once in a week, with all sorts of infos, in all fields, right from politics to fashion, giving my views and thats I named the blog. But time plays a cruel role of stealing those moments from me, where I read the newspaper or watch news or read something useful on the internet. Internet, the mere word reminds me only of computers, which I relate to irritation and I come to realize of the proverb, too much of anything is always harmful. But we have gone to an extent, where we cannot eradicate comps from our life. A thought immediately comes to my mind, that have gone that bizarre that the moments not spent before the comps comes as a surprise. Guess only the people under the age of 10 (exceptions) and the CEOs of various concerns can do without one. Coming back to the issue of my blogging, I failed to keep my resolution of giving a daily update on events, weekly update for that matter, but I pity myself when I consider that I have to sit and type out such a blog on a comp, why couldn't be there a better option. But what could be a better option, another comp with an added feature of voice recognition or a notebook which can take in hand written scripts. The very thought makes me nostalgic and I revive all those times, when I used to long for a comp and internet, I do not and cannot remove its positives though. Else, I wouldn't be writing up this blog or sitting before one for that matter.

So having said this, I feel like a hypocrite who wants to make a journey towards technology which demands more of intelligent machines, in other words making more comps and serving a purpose of making life easier, but I think now, is it easier? Guess I could never give a satisfactory answer for this question, as I myself propagate the need for people to buy comps, so I finally come to a debatable question, why did I ever write this post?