Oct 13, 2010

Desire vs Acceptance...!!!

Wow, I almost forgot about my blog! Well, its not like I have people waiting eagerly to read my next post, ofcourse with the release of 'Enthiran/Robot', my followers are bound to put my blog aside, else my blog's a bizmo (Someone really needs to cut off my wings, else there's no number on the cloud that I am!).

The past few months of anxiety, eagerness, disappointments, acceptance, etc, has resulted in this blog post, probably a bit on the serious side. I had to get serious at some point of time!

So Desire vs Acceptance:

I have heard this like innumerable times, "if you don't get what you want, accept what you get and probably its for the best!" and this has worked for me with an efficiency of cent percent, when I am a part of the latter.

However, I wonder what would have prompted, the one, to put down this profound statement. Is it a way to soothe oneself when one doesn't get the 'desire', or is it a search of happiness in what one has got. Well if its the first option, the person just sits with dejection, making a sorry state for oneself and everyone around, so that makes me believe, it has to be the second option (I know its not EUREKA!). But everytime, I think of that, it makes me wonder, what would it have been like to have everything one desired.

Actually the answer came to me as if I 'had' to read it. Desire has a synchronization with infatuation, ambition, lust, thirst, etc. In other words, non-physical entities, but entities of utter importance. Its them, which makes one move forward, creates goals and their path, urges one to work towards it and then probably achieve it.
On the other hand, Accept has a sync with acquire, gain, secure, etc, physical ones, which makes one believe that the effort put in has been acknowledged.

However, the harsh reality still retains the emptiness left by the unachievable, which might never get encased by what we have with us, but we can make sure, that we don't create another empty space.

Jul 9, 2010

Football Stories..!!!

The World Cup for any sport, does create a buzz and sparks the interest, even if you know very little about the game. At times, even the ignorant, gets all worked up just because they are surrounded by the company, but what puts them into foray are, the moments and their enigmatic (am being very polite..!!! :D) expressions, and what follows is roars of laughter, completely indifferent to the match situation, and eureka, ofcourse.

Scene 1: Ghana vs Germany

Few of us decide to go for public viewing, x,y... (aah what the hell!!!), Eby, Ganesh, Arif, Krutarth and me. We enjoy the match, and the post-match celebration especially. Throughout the match Arif had an expressionless face while the rest of us kept jumping around the exciting moments. We didn't notice this.

Scene 2: Argentina vs Germany 

I was supporting for Argentina, so from the 3rd minute of the match I was like totally down. GB, also vouched for Argentina and Eby for Germany and again Arif, we didn't know. And thats when suddenly Argentina gets a chance for a goal and the referee calls it an offside. I was banging my head on the wall and Eby was shouting all along and just going to drink water. The next moment, there was a projectile water ejection from his mouth, thanks to Arif, who came up with one of the most innocent questions, "What is an offside?"  The other 3 of us were speechless, as we were screaming on the floor, Arif didn't have clue as to what happened. The only part of the match I enjoyed.

May 7, 2010

"Miss" - understand!!!

So the other day was catching up with an old friend of mine. It is then that one gets to realize, how even a smallest quantity of time could bring about so many changes. I guess a moment's time is enough for a person to change completely and then you feel it serves good to accept the change, as 'change' is inevitable. It also helps one to notice the change in oneself.

Getting to the other side of philosophy (I know it doesnt go with my blog or tone :P ),I was probably talking to her after like 3-4 months and its like am talking to a new person. Ok, not literally, but with regards to happenings around her. We were on the general, quarter-life crisis topic of relationships.

She: Right, havnt you realized I have stopped blogging?
Me: Geez, whats with you people, stopping the blog after getting into relationship.
She: When you get in a relationship, you would get to do more useful stuffs than blogging!

Me: Yeah Right!

Ok, I decipher this as:

She: I have a dedicated personnel to hear my rampant blabbering, so I have decided to spare the world off my blog!

P.S. : 'She' dont kill me now! :D

Apr 3, 2010


"I hate them!"

Its a very contradictory notion, considering the name of my blog and what it stands for, but if anything my dislike for the this phrase has only increased. The reason is very logical, as it lasts only for a moment, which has a range of a few seconds to a maximum of an hour or two personally, and I seem to get most of my fruitful work done only within that time, with a few exceptions. Mathematically the ratio gets worse, as this accounts for less than 1% of my entire life time so far and nothing much can be done about it, as it is named so, to give the "moment", its importance.Apparently I seem to have found others who share the same notion. :D

A recent conversation, within a small group of friends (the content is cleansed for the benefit of the readers! ;) :P)

A: Machan, only after coming out, I have realized that we have done very less work. People here have done more.
Me: Well they could have got better guidance.
B: Yeah right! Nice way to put it out like that. We rather start getting serious.
A: Yep, I better stop watching "movies" and start doing work.
Me: Sure man, nice dialog in the 'spur-of-the-moment'. Let me call you tomorrow to check what the hell are you sowing where.
B: Yeah the lethargy does set in quite soon.

And so in the spur-of-the-moment I switch the play button on an IIT video lecture, which has been on buffering since yesterday, as I was supposed to hear it yesterday. Just when I think I have done the right moves, within next 5 minutes I get a video call from a relative and the rest is history! (Ofcourse the call lasted only for 5 minutes, but the moment's gone and lethargy creeps in.)

Mar 27, 2010

Reality or is it?

Yet another striker from an one of the usual time-pass items of mine, anime, Naruto Shippuden, in this case. Explaining the scenario of this phrase could be a complication, so I will just put the phrase down, as the relevance with the scene is not required to understand the same.

"In-order to survive, we cling to all we know and understand, labeling them as reality. But knowledge and understanding are ambiguous. That reality could be an illusion. And we end up living in assumptions."

Mar 11, 2010

At the Airport..!!!

Airport, always a fascination for the first-timers, but a state-of-art galaxy of boredom for the others, especially when you are out of books. You curse the place for the void of having any book stores and then you curse yourself for being too lazy to buy one (or cocky for postponing the same). After bidding adieus, getting past the nervy immigration checks, a place where the smallest stare(glare/confused look) from the person across the table could leave you sweating even in the Himalayan temperatures, and a case of clarification in your passport could make each and every pulse beat the loudest noise around (a personal experience and hence the description also an exaggeration to certain extent, ahem..!!! :D), and the security checks, the Herculean task of waiting for the flight begins. You start to have second thoughts on the saying "Its better to wait than to be sorry", coz at some point you feel sorry for waiting, especially when you have to travel with Air India as they have a history of being late. Its just gets worse when its well past your dinner time and the fact that you eat less during your travel days, is just uncalled for. Just a scenario for inspiration, and that came from a small infant, or should I say an army of 5 infants.

As the seconds got slower than a snail, I did nothing more than turn my head in a 210 degree rotation for the last 20 mins. It did get on my muscles, in the form of a sprain. I had to stop. It was then that it started, from the infant sitting very close to my chair, a small-shrieking cry. The mom tried picking it up, but it only got louder and louder, and then it never stopped. Laughter is contagious, but with infants, "crying is contagious". I realized the number of babies around, only after those cries. It was as if an small number, sitting geometrically, at specified positions, so that every person in the section could hear them, resonating together. At first which sounded like a cry of despair from the kids, started to seem a thoroughly planned attack to create anxiety and to annoy each and everyone. And then we saw people gathering around the infants, ladies ofcourse, imparting their wisdom at putting them down, only in vain (At some point there was a teenage girl too, felt like she was taking notes, preparing herself..!!! :D :D). Somehow time started flying by, as this turned out to be a spectacle of curiosity for many and an entertainment piece for me, although the sound was driving me crazy. It then occurred to me their true motive was, to annoy, to suffice their boredom. Taking a piece out of that, I tried a hand at that and the result was quite satisfactory and thoroughly helped me pass 10-15 mins of my useless time. 

So there was this female at a cafeteria inside, giving out real rude responses to people at her place buying out stuff. So she became an obvious target, coz annoying a person who is already annoyed is easy, else you need to think of a new plan to annoy a fresh piece. Anyways, a shop inside the airport, called for turning you solid cash to liquid. I was prepared a bit, but when she said the rate, I backed-off.

Me: Excuse me, can I have a snicker?
Shoplady: That would be Rs.80.
Me (thoughts): (Are you kidding me, Rs.80, for Rs.22 chocolate bar. No ways am buying that. So I just stood there without telling anything)
Shoplady: Here you go.
Me: Now staring from the chocolate bar to the lady.
Shoplady: Yes!
Me: Oh sorry, I meant I wanted tea! (Laughter in my mind...!!!)
Shoplady (with a look of eating me alive and sounding thoroughly rude): That would be Rs.30 and why dont you hand me the cash first this time. (To her helper) Make a tea for him.
Me (Fishing in my purse for the money and waiting till the guy had started preparing tea): On second thought, its already pretty hot out here, please cancel my tea. Thanks. Bye!

Feb 26, 2010

Su(a)ch is the man..!!!

All right, am not going to write another big viewpoint on the person right now, coz that would throw other professional writers out of business and their articles will be labeled crap. Just a small discussion between me and my dad.

Scene on TV : Special award of 10 Lakh and a Micromax Q5 mobile to Sachin Tendulkar.

Me: Wow, we have a winner among the prizes. He's out there getting lakhs and among them, a 'chillar' mobile is given and thats also being asked for a pose!

Dad: See, at this moment, its not the man receiving a particular prize, but its price which gets the name.

Su(a)ch is the man.

At some point of time, one runs out of adjectives and hence, like I said: " 'Sachin' adj. - a new adjective added in the dictionary in relation to cricket, that describes batting at its best...!!!"

Jan 29, 2010

India Calling..!!!

Days of anxiety have finally passed,
Happiness of familiarity has at last amassed.

The days are 33 from Feb 1st,
The spirits are high, quenching my thirst.

The reality is yet to commence,
But the illusion of bliss is pretty dense.

I only hope they reach their crescendo,
For it is to India, where I go..!!! :)

Jan 4, 2010

A Cat-Mouse story..!!!

Doors banging, glasses breaking, things going "clank-boom-baam-bash-...", literally making any peaceful environment, a center stage of chaos, all the doing of two insignificant characters, with a rivalry equaling the US and the early USSR, and yet bringing a smile to everyone's face. Rings a bell! Yes the very old Tom and Jerry cartoon, one which breaks the wall for ages.

"It's a cat and a mouse story! What could be so funny about it?" was my first comment when a friend of mine, first told me about this cartoon years ago. Ofcourse, the explanation from his side wasn't too artistic enough to even relate to the original.

The morning of the 2010, greeted me with this pack on a German channel. Now thats whats wonderful about Tom and Jerry, you don't need a language to understand it. Just a kind of dose, I required for the new years day. Thanks to this the day turned out to be less dreadful than I had imagined. It did get me a bit nostalgic, on the days, where my Dad and I would fight for the remote to just get the TV on, to watch the same channel and same cartoon (Never wondered, why there'd be struggle for watching the same cartoon!!!). Nothing would prevent the sunday morning 7am show of T&J on cartoon network, until the stupid CAS (Pay Channel) system arrived. But then some other alternate channels would always air the show. I don't even remember how many times I 'd have watched the same thing, everytime it succeeds to burst my stomach open. I guess I even had a CD collection of the same. It worked all the time when we had relatives and their KIDS over. Everytime you feel like loosing control, just play it on, and there is silence in the room. Almost works with the adults too. One of the few things which makes you tickle, and instills the lost innocence in your laughter.