Mar 19, 2009

I Hate Computers - Part 2...!!!

Machine - Bhuvan's Laptop (An absolute piece of shit..!!!)

This could only be described as destiny thats chiseling me up for handling more and more comps ahead in my life. Rings a bell, about a philosophical conversation between Bhuvan and me (yeah we do talk philosophy, at times..!!!) and timing couldn't have been perfect with just two days before the exam. Well, people do get a different perspective of life always during the exam time.

Bhuvan: Machan, what the hell are we doing? (in a thoroughly low noise, in library..!!)
Me: What does it look like, tyring to set up a crowd in library!!! ofcourse, preparing for exams, I guess..!!
Bhuvan: No actually, the basic funda is (Me: here we go again..!!), for the first half of our life, we are trying to study, how we fucked up our lives..!! (Ok, the thing one needs to know is, when we say "fucked up" means "complicated"..!!! ).
Me: yeah, and the next half, we implement them to get fucked..!!

With this small enlightenment, Bhuvan continued pondering over his philosophical axioms, and I had to get back to study with my usual race with time.

Coming to the point, of getting things complicated, computers and so far only computers have made me wonder, as to what was one thinking when laying their foundation. Working with computers, ofcourse is an epitome of convenience, but its an ultimate test of patience, with screwed up ones. And especially, comps around me seem to have an affinity towards the same.

Here Bhuvan actually tries to install another OS, ubuntu, on his laptop, with Vista on it, a bad idea, addressed to him already. However, the OS fails to mount properly due to an error in file mounting system and as a solution I ask him to use a virtual machine for the same. Looks like bhuvan had had plans of reformatting his laptop and so before installing the software, we start reformatting it. Little did I know about the approaching restraint assessment waiting for me. His hard disk was not partitioned properly and I got the brilliant idea to make things fine, only in vain to completely corrupt the file system in the hard disk. The subsequent ideologies would take us two full days to work on his laptop without results, but it couldn't have got worse, as this was already worse. Apparently, the warranty period of his laptop had recently expired, but the pains of sitting with the machine for the past 2 days has inspired him to renew the warranty. However, similar to Thomas Alva Edison's discovery of Electricity from lightening (I know the comparison is exaggeration at its extremes..!! but thats the size of the consequence of the event here..!!), bhuvan accidently happen to find the right CD for our questions, thereby reinstalling the NTFS for Windows installation and then its history.

So thats the 3-day non-stop, mind-cracking and frustrating times with Bhuvan's laptop, where after each failed installation, he would go, what the hell human's have done to themselves and after the successful installation he comments, I know my laptop personally, we have got closer to each other!


Me to my laptop: Dude, you are the best, am not at all talking about you, you are an exception, definitely out of their league..!!! :D

Heavenly God, please protect my laptop from all sorts of corruptions, malwares, viruses, anything that might damage it internally or externally.
Thank You.

Mar 12, 2009

A year after..!!!

Time does fly, and though I have experienced it innumerably, mostly in good ways, the realization of completing a year here in Ulm, Germany, was quite exciting. The sheer thought that I have been, and I could be independent, in almost an alien environment, makes it even special. Time and again I have mentioned in my previous posts about my span here, but this has its own specialty. To make it more ironical, I am receiving a friend, who has taken the same flight on the same day and hopefully will reach here also at the same time. It'l feel good to say "welcome to Ulm!" for a change. So off I go to receive my friend, as I prepare myself for the year to be.