Mar 14, 2013

The Beginning...!!!

Begone is 2012 and cometh the 2013..!!! Er..!!! Apparently quiet late for such a statement. Well I start this post with the statement, as 2012 turned out to be quite special for me, in many ways, primarily at the personal level. We'll step into each, one at a time and for people who thought they'd be relieved of reading my jabbers, "Hahaha, you've been served, folks!" (Probably not the attitude I should be having for keeping the popularity of my blog!!!)

My last recollection of full fledged running, with immense concentration, was when I was being chased by a dog in my 2nd grade. Little did I know that a visit to my friends house would lead to such startling discoveries. There were three things I got to learn then:

1. When dogs chase you, all you have to do is stop and stare back and DO NOT throw stones! (Unless its a Doberman, but in this case running or throwing stones don't help...!!! )
2. I am bad at running. (Worse actually...!!!)
3. I hate running. 
If you think this is 'the beginning', oh no, it isn't! Wait for it..!!! ;)

Since then I have been adverse to running, as oil is to water, as in I do play sports, but running for no reason didn't make much sense, or rather I didn't want to understand. I tried taking part in the school competitions, however, hmmm, I don't want to embarrass myself with the results on the World Wide Web. (Duh, might be too late for this statement too...!!!) The best part when I came to Europe, I used to see people running all the time (On a snowy December night at 11pm, and the guy would be 60+..!!! Seriously..!!!), and the ridicule that followed (of-course, in my head..!!!) would lead to a laughter riot. Little did I know, that I'd be joining that club too - not the one to ridicule, but who'd be ridiculed (Karma always completes the circle...!!!).

In Europe I got to meet a lot of amazing people, who've inspired me and changed me to who I am now. One of them (the shortest one till date..!!! :-P) Janani Natarajan (Omg, she's gonna keep flying high after reading this..!!!), a close friend, always used to talk a lot about running. (And it was a LOT..!!!) Once a while I'd think, "Really, could this shorty run!?" But ran, she did! (Not like the wind - who am I kidding..!!! :D) For a short person (Ok maami, last time wont use it again HERE..!!! :P), she's quite a strong personality. What inspired me about her though, is her perseverance. Inspite of being an asthma patient, she runs. And that is just the first step. I am sure she laughs at her so called 'disorder' whilst continuing the run to uncountable miles. And that thought, on a perfect sunny evening inspired me to try out my first run, for the sake of running. And so came The Beginning...

Apparently she's taken this as a hobby now (process of inspiring..!!!), she hasn't stopped with just me, there's quite a percentage among the group of Indians, in Tuebingen, and nearby, who run coz of her inspiration! Keep running maami and keep inspiring..!!! (Damn, I have to follow-up with a post so that she stays grounded..!!! :D)
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