Jun 29, 2009

Just another day or was it..!!? ;)

I have been cursing myself for not updating the blog for long, even though had a few things in mind, guess my ultimate weakness comes forth - procrastination, sigh..!! Aah well, this has nothing to do with my current post, or in a well mimicked dialog of Vikram in Anniyan, by GB, "This is an unwanted statement completely irrelevant to the current situation!" Right, I need to know where to stop and hence I stop. Coming to current post, lets say its a short story, with good morals. :D ;)

Scene 1:

Somewhere in the world and sometime of the year - apparently in northern hemisphere and the first half of the year (some relevance, just for fun..!! :D), a person X (male) facing challenges ahead, tries to put his mind in work in a library, reading through the lines in the bunch of scripts lying on the table. After around half a days' of hard work (2 hrs precisely, but since its between 10am and 12 noon, half a day makes sense..!! :)), he takes his eyes off the scripts for a breather, and refreshment appears in the form of chemically and biologically most viable component, a girl, sitting nearby. Not that she was the only one, but there are only few with whom the glances meet at the same time. The day just ends with a few more of coincidental glances and small smile.

Scene 2,3,4,5....:

Many more days pass with the usual coincidental glances, meet-ups and bigger smiles.

This is a strange scenario, coz you dunno whether you are supposed to smile the next time you see a person as the ice has grown to such an extent, that you become indifferent towards it.

Scene- uh.. I lost track, lets take a variable n :

On a particular morning, X gets off the bus, and yet again coincidentally, the same girl, also in the same bus, gets off and both start walking towards their work, again same place. So far, its been only exchange of smiles, but today the girl had the shades on, so X thought, well lets give her a pass. So they start crossing the road. Both of them had some loud music running in their ears, obviously the surrounding sound turns to oblivion. And X gets a brilliant idea to change the song in his ipod while crossing the road and takes his ipod from his pocket, concentrating on the song he wants to listen. The girl not far, is also crossing the road, when a screeching sound distracts her. She turns back to notice that X had just stopped in front of the van. The scene henceforth:

Van Driver: %@#$^&%^&#$@$$@%$$%^&
X(Cant hear coz of the music in his ears..!! :)) just sees the disturbed driver: Entschuldigung..!!

And he walks past the van onto the other side, without even the slightest tremors of the incident. Well for once he notices the girl in front of him turn back and smile and say:

The girl: These mp3 players, could be threatening at times.
X: Well, who says technology always make life easier?
The girl: true..!!
X: BTW, am Harish.
The girl: Hi, am Lina.

And the rest is history. Some relief that the ice was finally broken.

Moral 1: There is always some positive in everything that happens.

Moral 2: Embarrassment is deep inward feeling which is very short-lived, concealing one deep within an impression of ridicule, but its upto an individual to carry the moment in an appropriate manner, which negates the same.


Jun 4, 2009

Food for 'Thought'..!!!

One of the biggest experiences of living an independent life, on the negative side, other than returning to an empty house (home is too good a word for this dorm..!!), with no one to talk, etc, is the fact the one has to enter the kitchen asap, to prepare the ingredients, for the 'thought' process to work on. Ironically, sometimes the neurons give out the impulses so late, that you enter into an empty kitchen at 9pm (the stores generally close by that time..!!!) after a tiry day giving you no other option than to go to bed with as much water, to dilute the HCl in the stomach, as food. And then you also have these days.

So the other day, after returning from work, I decided for some royal hogging night. Since my room mate, Ganesh (GB), had been taking care of quite a lot of cooking during my exams, I thought of giving him a break and doing everything by myself. One of the easiest of the side dishes, which goes with any vegetable, any number of vegetables and rice and chapathi, and even bread, is Rajma and I have been making quite a lot of them. So yet again I chose to make Rajma, with a mix of all the vegetables that I had, carrots, potatoes, peas, capsicum, etc (cant remember if I'd put anything else..!!). The aroma was quite good and the taste was even mesmerizing, I know this is quite a lot of yapping, but the words carry their weightage here. So with the side dish ready, we just made some rice, as the idea of chapathi meant we would have had dinner at midnight. After a royal dinner with 2 servings of royal hogging, and quite a full stomach, after a long time for me, these were the words from GB, which just furiated the HCl in my stomach to digest the food within a second and the taste of the Rajma turned into oblivion.

GB: Machan, 'Sambhar' super da..!!!
Me: @#$%^%^&$#@#@@#%%$^%^&, and the curses never ended till I went to bed..!!!

Striking irony, there was not even an atom of Sambhar powder in it..!! hmph..!!!