Dec 25, 2008

December Greetings..!!

Ok, its almost the end of December and I finally decide to put my laziness to rest and get back to posting after almost a month's hiatus. This post is a poem (well, thats what I call it! :D), which has been in my mind for sometime, but as this is my first one, I needed sometime to collate them into what we call the 'poem-like' structure. Its about the month December, which is quite evident, and my first winter here.

the Dawn seemed to take its time
the Sound of Wind devouring clear

the Snowy Mantle lay serene

on the color of Spring, which is green.

the Sprouting charm demeanor ornamental
to the damsel Landscape,
whose delicacy cannot suffice in narration,

embeds one's misery to oblivion.
the conspicuous grace of the Nature

drew me to an entangled delusion

and now I knew, how to say,

the December here, Greets its way!

Dec 7, 2008

Another change in Blog name..!!

Greetings to December, and with it a new name for my blog again, and this time I hope its the ultimatum for the name changing spree. I know this could be irritating and my apologies for that. Nevertheless, the gut-feel says, this is here to stay longer. Just a brief explanation on what it means, radical has the meaning of revolutionary, unorthodox, resurgent, etc and I seriously dont know which of them suits this blog, the closest could be unorthodox and impulsion refers to those miniscule impulses that are mentioned in the description.