Aug 20, 2009

There's always another door..!!!

One of the few things I have picked up after coming to Germany is to watch sitcoms. The best thing about them are, the humour and those silent verses in between, which strike you hard, and which end up being the string within your reach, just when you feel like falling off the cliff.
The latest among these sitcoms has been "Two and a Half Men" about two brothers, one of them single and the other a divorcee, with a son (hence the title).

One of the most common thoughts which hits me is "what am I doing? is this really what I wanted to do?" In most cases there's just a compromise and I end up finding a reason to satisfy myself as to what I am doing is what I actually wanted, by some relevance miles apart.

One of the characters in the sitcom goes this way:

Allen: "Neither of us are doing what we wanted to do, but you know what, we could have been doing much worse..!!!"

And here I get my answer.