Oct 13, 2010

Desire vs Acceptance...!!!

Wow, I almost forgot about my blog! Well, its not like I have people waiting eagerly to read my next post, ofcourse with the release of 'Enthiran/Robot', my followers are bound to put my blog aside, else my blog's a bizmo (Someone really needs to cut off my wings, else there's no number on the cloud that I am!).

The past few months of anxiety, eagerness, disappointments, acceptance, etc, has resulted in this blog post, probably a bit on the serious side. I had to get serious at some point of time!

So Desire vs Acceptance:

I have heard this like innumerable times, "if you don't get what you want, accept what you get and probably its for the best!" and this has worked for me with an efficiency of cent percent, when I am a part of the latter.

However, I wonder what would have prompted, the one, to put down this profound statement. Is it a way to soothe oneself when one doesn't get the 'desire', or is it a search of happiness in what one has got. Well if its the first option, the person just sits with dejection, making a sorry state for oneself and everyone around, so that makes me believe, it has to be the second option (I know its not EUREKA!). But everytime, I think of that, it makes me wonder, what would it have been like to have everything one desired.

Actually the answer came to me as if I 'had' to read it. Desire has a synchronization with infatuation, ambition, lust, thirst, etc. In other words, non-physical entities, but entities of utter importance. Its them, which makes one move forward, creates goals and their path, urges one to work towards it and then probably achieve it.
On the other hand, Accept has a sync with acquire, gain, secure, etc, physical ones, which makes one believe that the effort put in has been acknowledged.

However, the harsh reality still retains the emptiness left by the unachievable, which might never get encased by what we have with us, but we can make sure, that we don't create another empty space.