Sep 19, 2009

Almost Conspired...!!!

Quite a lackluster month of September, marking the end of the summers and start of the winters, set the mood of depression quite soon, making me wonder how am I going to stand the next 7 months. The initial few weeks of snow and an India trip seem to be the only prescription for me. Oh, did I mention India trip, yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeehooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..!! Ok, thats enough for the initial excitation, hasn't been helping me much for studies. Yeah I know, my examinations are quite redundant now, with most of my posts talking only about them. Actually one cant blame me, as the exam times are definitely interesting ones, with all the emotions doing a disco within.

Talking about exams, with 2 more to go before making the India trip, I took almost the entire first half of September to relax, not for a specific reason,as the same old enemy/friend Mr.Procrastination made his appearance, filling me up with guilt, on these days. And it always so happens that the first day after this so called hiatus, I find it highly conspired to keep me from studying, else how would one describe this.

So yesterday, I finally wake up, with quite a euphoria to start solving the problems, early in the morning. However, I whiled away my time till the afternoon, and I don't want to think about the details now. Nevertheless, as goes the saying "its never too late..!!" (I'd kill the person now, who laid this down..!!), I took a stance at 3pm to get started to the Library and so I did. The entire enthu was crushed like a candy stolen from a kid, when I found that I had left the solutions at my dorm. But the decision was made and I came back to collect my solutions and by the time I reached the Library it was already 5pm. However, the universe still wanted to play with me. How does one solve without having the questionnaire, I asked to myself. So I took another trip to a friend's place, to collect the same. At that time, I don't exactly know what struck me but I started watching 'Mahabharat' at his place (Possibly trying to find the early traces of science and solutions in our age old history. The only related solution which I could think of and is quite close is, "is prashna ka uttar to mein bhi nahin de saktha". The history or rather wikipedia says, the first instance of time travel has happened in Mahabharat..!!!). So after squandering another 2 hours, I was still determined to make the day constructive and so I did. I went back to the library, by then it was 7 30pm, but thankfully all the ammunition was available this time. Hence I made the day constructive by solving two full problems, which didnt even fill up half of the workout sheet. But still at the end of the day, I was happy enough that I did a start.
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