Jul 17, 2012

The Awakening, ahem, Really..!!!???

'Awakening' - synonymous with the word inspiration, is basically a stimulus which generates an idea/activity or awakens one which has been dormant for long. One thing I am pretty sure is, am gonna get cursed for such a hyped start, or the title, to this blog post. But as they say, I shall face the wrath!

Disclaimer (Its a new technique to break the usual scenario of putting the disclaimer before the topic!!!) - The characters mentioned here are purely fictional or very pragmatic. So please feel free to imagine as a fantasy, or base it on true events, witnessed and lived by the one and only, yours truly, the author!!!

As I was returning from gym today, I stopped at the laundry room (for some reason I decided to do my laundry today!), to see that a girl - little girl, ironing her clothes. It was kinda cute scene, so I decided to put my clothes in the drier and have a little conversation. It was a normal conversation of what I do, where she studied and blah blah...!!! It lasted for 15 - 20 minutes. And then we parted our ways.

When I reached home, my eyes saw every cloth in my wardrobe completely wrinkled, and the need to iron them 'awakened' within me. I decided to iron only the clothes which I had washed and later come back for more. I was so confident that I would come back! The minute I went to the laundry room to start ironing, I felt something was wrong, 'What the hell I am doing here? This doesn't feel right! I never iron my clothes.' I threw the shirt back into the basket, and for some reason, I came back to my room smiling, reconciling on what had happened, thinking if I had a coffee anytime in between and laughing it out loud. (I hope it cracks your brains, but shouldn't be that difficult, I guess!)

Till next time..!!! Cheers guys..!!! 

P.S. - Oh BTW, did I mention that it was not a little girl..!!!

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