Mar 21, 2013

Good Old Murphy..!!!

"Phew...!!! Damn, I almost got myself banned from the supermarket there..!!!" - A silent thought graced through my mind after a pretty interesting morning at the supermarket. (Am glad none of the supermarket employee are reading this though, else they'd ban me for writing this, after having done what I had done..!!!)

On the whole a normal day, or what it was meant to be, started off with a customized domino effect, created by yours truly, me (Ahem..!!!). I am sure the curses that followed are taking their toll on me now, as a weird symphony is being played in my stomach right now. I am a believer in big breakfasts, but as the week progresses, my tendency to snooze my alarm increases drastically, from once on a Monday to 'n' number of times on Fridays (Whoever invented the snooze...!!!) . Oh the point, well, this affects my breakfast preparation time, from leisurely preparing them on Mondays to buying them in the supermarket by Thursdays and Fridays (And it sucks, not to buy them but to eat them..!!!)). Anyways, I got my breakfast from the  supermarket today, being a Thursday. As I got down to get a sandwich, my headphones wires got stuck in the price tag and as I got up with a jerk, it flew and fell on the overflowing fruit stall. An artist or a photographer would have appreciated the scene of falling fruits, but you cannot expect the same appreciation who spent the entire morning trying to arrange them (Of all places it had to fall on the fruit stall...!!!). That almost explains how my morning was. I heard something being murmured (blasted actually) in German, my only response, with the most awkward smile ever, "Entschuldigung..!!!" (Sorry..!!!). The fury in the supermarket lady's face was quite evident (Why would she try to hide it..!!! But aren't the customers always right..!!! A concept lost in Europe I presume..!!!). They could be quite edgy when they have to get up and come to work at 7 am on a cold, wintry morning. Well, I was thankful for not getting getting my ears-full, but my fate was still laughing at the events to follow. As I turned and walked around, my bag, which is not over-sized at all, gets caught in yet another price tag, this time on a stand. I was lucky to catch it before it fell and leave the scene, before being caught by that female again. I was just starting to feel good about my reflexes of having caught the stand, when at the turn I ended up dashing against one of the other supermarket ladies (Apparently reflexes work only once..!!!). In this case we both were looking in the other direction, me towards the price tag on the stand (Although am not sure if the curses followed...!!!). Finally, when I reached the counter, I picked up one of the wafers, which had an offer, when another lady at the cash counter says, this offer is only if you get 2 packs together. When I bring the second pack, the lady sees, checks something and says, "Oh sorry, this is an offer with 3 packs together". A thought went through, "could this be revenge for what I had done..!?". Nevertheless as I turn around and go to get the third pack, this time my bag hits on another one of those damn annoying price tags on the stand (Seriously guys price tags on a stand in the walkway, not happening..!!!), and I just gave up trying to catch it. It falls with the most annoying sound ever. If I was glad that no other customers were there at supermarket, it was my agony too. I was surrounded with an audience of annoyed supermarket ladies, extremely irked with this scene (including the lady whom I had dashed upon, why would she miss a chance to put the blame on me..!!!) and with an expression of this being done intentionally. I just turned around got my third pack and came to the office, with one of the most difficult shopping days in a supermarket, where I had got only a sandwich and some wafers.

Like I said, I am glad that I am not banned from the supermarket. Although am not sure if am blacklisted or not, since am a regular customer there and I have a customer card though..!!!  

P.S. - BTW the catch here - I was wondering the reason for this Mozart symphony being played in my stomach the entire day, even-though my diet was nothing out of normal. Oh wait, but it was, remember I bought (or was made to buy) 3 packs of extra wafers, and finished almost two of them..!!!
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