Apr 6, 2013

The Story of Vodka and Water...!!!

Its a known fact, the effects alcohol could create in an individual's mind. Especially people light on their feet. Scientifically speaking (to whoever consider this relevant and of importance!) alcohol affects the way the neurons communicate, thereby the making senses go haywire, resulting in poor muscle control, speech, sight, blah-blah-blah! (Definitely not a post on ill-effects of alcohol!!! :P) However, these consequences come with a very compulsory condition that "Alcohol should have been consumed!"

There are different alcoholic drinks available with varying percentages of alcohol. Vodka is one with higher percentage, ranging between 38-40% of alcohol concentration. Its primarily used for preparing cocktails or could be consumed in the form of shots too (2-4 cl). (Neither a post on ways of using and drinking vodka!) Among the various brands of Vodka, Greygoose is considered to be one of the best. (No I haven't been paid for advertising it!) How do you say if the alcohol is good - depending on how smooth it is and how quickly it hits you.

Alright getting to the post now! On a particular Friday, I had organized a small get together at my place here Linz. Just normal dinner and a movie night was planned. What transpired later in the evening opened up a whole new dimension to the research on the effects of alcohol, or should I say the effects of media, or effects of knowledge - I let you decide.

The story starts with me being busy in the kitchen. It might be relevant to mention at this point, that I had a Greygoose bottle in my room. (bought around the New Year's eve!) I had a couple of friends over here, however, only 3 among the others conversed in this scene, including me.

KP - (Entering my room) Kya haal hai bhai? (Whats happening dude?)
Me - Everything's cool, just come cooking going on. (For ease of understanding, english is being used!)

.....  After around 10 mins, the subject enters ...

X - Wow, Harish, you have a Greygoose in your place?
Me - (Evil brain ticks on!) Oh yeah I thought a bit of vodka for the movie night would be a good add-on.

Again its important to mention at this point that greygoose brand being one of the best, quite obviously, is expensive compared to others!

X - Obviously impressed with the product bought for the evening, its supposed to be a very good brand.
Me - Oh yeah I had to flush 80 euros for that!(A bit of masala is always helpful to spice up such events!!!)
X - Can I try a sip?
Me - Oh please, be my guest, I have bought it to be drunk and not just stared upon.

.. KP in the mean time is all ROFL (I find it hard to ask him to control his laughter)...

X - (Finally opens the lid) It smells weird, actually, doesn't have any smell at all?
Me - (My brain sending all the impulses to my mouth to just burst out laughing, somehow I control it!) Its a very high quality and high distillation involved, which gives the best alcohol. Best part, its got no smell. Probably might not even hit you immediately, like the normal ones!
X - Pours in a glass and asks for ice.
Me - Dude, I don't have ice here.
X - Atleast let me mix it with water.
Me - Dude, why do you want to spoil it by mixing with water, just drink it neat, its damn smooth.
X - No, no, its 40% concentration.
Me - Dude, trust me, you wont feel a thing. (Ofcourse not!)
X - (Has a sip! Has a weird look in his face! After thinking, comes up with a question!) Either its damn smooth, or its...

Before he could complete, KP and me couldnt hold it in and burst out with laughter till our stomachs literally open up. Ofcourse no one would get a hit when they drink WATER..!!!  And that would explain the evening that followed, whenever my friend would ask for water, we would pass him the Greygoose..!!! 

What makes it funnier, the dude is a chemist...!!! 
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